AV Projector Rental: What You Should Consider

10th December 2009

If your business will be participating in special events, or

holding special events of your own, you need a full understanding of what an AV

projector rental is. AV stands for audio visual, and of course a projector is a

projector that is used to display images on a wall or screen. This type of

equipment can prove to be very beneficial at special events or presentations.

Obviously, you could opt to purchase this equipment, but in

most cases, unless you use the equipment often, a rental is the best option

because of the cost of the equipment. You should also consider how often

technology becomes outdated and how often new equipment would have to be

purchased. In the case of this type of equipment, rentals are almost always preferred.

You also need to understand what is and is not included in

an AV projector rental. Some services will deliver and set up the equipment for

you, while others will not. Some will do this and include it in the cost of the

rental, while others will charge additional fees for this.

While more upscale services will actually stay throughout

your event to operate the equipment for you, this isn’t usually the case. In

most cases, however, a technician who sets up the equipment will offer basic

instruction in the operation of the equipment. It is vital that the person who

will be operating the equipment pay attention to the demonstration and take

proper notes during this time. Make sure that any questions that this person

may have are asked and answered during this time as well.

You need to have a clear understanding of how long your AV

projector rental is, and when the equipment must be returned or when it will be

picked up, as well as what the procedure for getting the equipment returned is.

You need to know about late fees in case you are late returning the equipment,

and what the cost of additional time is in case this becomes necessary during

your presentation.

Understand that this equipment is rented by other people. It

is used equipment. You want a guarantee that the equipment will be in top

operating condition, and that the equipment is the level of quality that you

need for your particular presentation. You do not want to find that you are

disappointed in what you have received minutes before your presentation is

about to begin. Do a bit of research concerning brands and models of equipment

so that you can ask if specific equipment is available for rental when you

contact the service.

Finally, some AV projector rental services only provide the

projectors, without providing the screens. This doesn’t mean that screens are

not available – they usually are – but you may have to do a separate rental for

the screen, or provide your own screening surface. Make sure that you inquire

about this, and never just assume that the viewing screen or monitor is

included with the projector. As long as you keep these things in mind when considering Audio Visual Hire, you will

find that renting this type of equipment is actually very easy.