12th April 2010

Banner Stands Help Display Your Brand Image

Banner stands are an excellent way to enhance your company's brand image and reputation at the next trade show or exhibition.

Banner stands are an excellent way to enhance your company's brand

image and reputation at the next trade show or exhibition. Now its

certainly true that your company makes sure to represent itself in a

great many trade shows, and other annual events. Remember that a

feature of all such shows is that various companies compete for the

same customers, and that it is very rare indeed for a single company to

capture the markets without being highly original. So simple logic

dictates that brilliant – and yet sensible – originality is certainly

the key to capturing the imaginations of present and future customers

and having them sign up with your company.

Of course there are several approaches that you can take at a trade

show to achieve this end, and not all of them involve banner stands. On

the most basic level, you can simply have a sales force dedicated to

'moving' customers towards your stands that every event. If

strategically placed around the grounds of an event, such people can

greatly increase customer attendance at your stand. And you can even

reach out to customers without the help of a trade show or event.

Because a banner stand is so elementary to set up that you can set it

up anywhere that you have permission to do so – even at the roadside,

if necessary. And these stands are available in such a range of sizes

and options that you are sure to find banner stands to suit you. Of

course you can also use billboards and the mass media – but why should

you ignore more cost-effective options?

So how do you go about setting up a banner stand? It can be done in

under a minute. Just set up the base, pull open the banner and fix it

in place, and your portable banner is already on display, and

attracting potential customers. Really, could anything be more simple?

Impossible. And then consider ease of storage and transport. Because

the stand rolls down to such a compact size, it is easily transportable

– or rather, you can transport dozens of them, with the necessary

personnel, all around the city. And remember that when banner stands

are stored they are not at all susceptible to dust or wear and tear.

And this is an undoubted advantage – it means that you can store your

stands neatly and easily when they are not in use, and bring them out

to use to the best advantage just when you require them.

Remember that a stand made with modern materials is surprisingly

durable and long lasting. And a banner can be printed on both sides,

making your display very versatile. And though many companies simply

use  these stands at indoor exhibits, there is no need for you to

emulate their timidity. These days many kinds of weather proof banner

stands are available that would serve your purpose brilliantly out on

the street, or set up on a sidewalk. If you would like to make use of

these weather resistant models, just remember that a laminated

graphical display is necessary, as this makes the banner waterproof –

and also remember that you need a stronger stand construction, as well

as perhaps a strengthening backing for the banner itself, so that your

stand can withstand the winds.