15th March 2010

Barracuda Banner Stand: an item which contributes into the success of your advertising campaign

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear a word “barracuda”.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear a word “barracuda”. Perhaps that ferocious fish with sharp teeth you saw on Discovery channel last week. But if you are a business owner, there is no doubt that you think of barracuda banner stand – an exhibition item which contributes so much into the success of your advertising campaign every time you visit a trade show or seasonal fair. Or may be you have not heard about his kind of exhibition banners? In this case it is absolutely necessary to find out what it is like and what sort of advantages it has to offer.

It is a roller banner stand with a telescopic pole which allows you to adjust the height of a banner. It is extremely important to have a flexible banner stand while visiting trade show and other events of this sort – you never know how much space you are going to get and what size will be the most appropriate. A barracuda banner stand allows you to adjust the height of your display between twenty five to eighty five inches. It is very convenient as sometimes you prefer (or have to) put your stand not on the floor, but on a table or a counter.

In fact, this kind of stand was specially designed to be exceedingly convenient and easy to use. It is lightweight and portable, so it will not be a problem to relocate it if needed, or to attend a few events within the same day.  It is also easy to assemble, that is why the whole presentation can be arranged by a single person, and he or she will not find it strenuous. The materials used for the banner are usually durable and manufacturers provide at least one year of warranty, so you can count on reusing the same stand over and over again.

Besides, with a barracuda banner stand your presentation will never be boring as it has a system of quick changes of graphics. You can refresh your presentation from time to time in the course of the same event, or you can use different graphics for different events: in any case it will make it possible for you to stand out of the crowd of your competitors with their static arrangements.

Sometimes barracuda banner stands comes with accessories – for example, low voltage lights to enhance the visibility of your graphics. Or a carrying bag – it is highly recommended to get one for your stand as it is very comfortable not only for transporting your banner, but also for storing it. It will not take a lot of space – a telescopic pole will conveniently fit into the base of the stand.

Pay attention to the design of your barracuda banner stand – usually they look very stylish and eye catching, but if you cannot choose among the ready made ones, it is possible to design your own one, and it will be manufactured specially for your needs. Barracuda stand will make it pleasant and productive for you to participate in a trade show.