16th April 2010

Barracuda Banner Stands Are One Of The Most Flexible Exhibition Stands Around

Few display systems are as versatile and effective as barracuda banner stands.

Few display systems are as versatile and effective as barracuda banner stands. This is crucially important on the trade event circuit, when you know you will potentially be facing dozens of competitors, all vying for the same group of customers and potential customers. And of course each competitor will be doing his or her best, in different ways, to undercut or to outsell you. And that is as it should be – this is the competitive environment that makes the capitalist system a success. All you have to do is ensure that thus competitive environment works for you, instead of against you.

Let us see how we could use various methods to accomplish just that. Firstly, the numbers of customers at a trade show, while large, are still a finite number. That is mainly why the atmosphere is so competitive, and why you need barracuda banner stands to help your efforts. Because what happens at these trade shows is that if one company manages to acquire most of the customers, other companies will suffer proportionately. So of course, each company does its best to seize the largest possible slice of the cake.

Here's where a barracuda banner could aid you. This attractive and versatile banner stand will attract customer to your exhibit from way across the exhibition grounds, ensuring that you automatically acquire a bigger slice of the cake. Of course you can't rely solely on the banner. You need to scatter talented salespersons among the crowd, and have them hand out branded items and pamphlets. You need to have them direct potential customers to your exhibit. But barracuda banner stands around the grounds will certainly help your cause. Those potential customers that your sales persons miss will in all probability see the barracuda banner.

So what makes a barracuda banner special? Well, for one thing, it is versatile – especially in the uncertain environment of a trade show, in which space allocation is a chancy thing at best. Now you no longer need to worry – a barracuda banner can change height – and the difference can be anything between two and eight feet. With versatility like that you can be assured that your banner will fit the space allocated, no matter what the allocation. And that versatility works both ways – not only can barracuda banner stands contract to fit a smaller area, but it can also expand if the space allocated for your display happens to be more. Remember, versatility allows you to take advantage of opportunity.

The key to a barracuda stands versatility is in it's construction. It consists of a banner that rolls around a telescopic pole – this pole telescopes outward or inward depending on the height of banner that you need. Not only that, this system of setting up means that a barracuda stand takes minutes to set up, and it can all be done by a single person. It also means that it can reduce to a most compact size for shipping.

Ease of set up, versatility in display, and ease in transportation. With advantages like that, where could you possibly go wrong. Acquire barracuda banner stands before the next exhibition, and put your competition in the shade.