05th May 2010

Be Flexible When Attending Exhibitions And Trade Shows With A Portable Banner Stand

A portable banner stand is the ideal solution for businesses that attend a lot of trade shows or presentations.

A portable banner stand is the ideal solution for businesses that attend

a lot of trade shows or presentations. With lightweight, durable

construction, these stands are meant to be used over and over, carried

from one location to the next and easily set up for when you need it. By

taking out the complexity, it is possible to set a stand and banner up

within minutes. If you are at a presentation, this speed will help

booster your client’s opinion of how your business operates. This is

very important, as every detail of your behaviour at a convention or

presentation will be noticed by your customers. As banners can help you

manipulate how customers perceive your business, you want to make

certain that you make the best choice for your business.

How you intend on using your new portable banner stand should directly

influence which one that you select. While there are many portable

stands, they vary in size and durability. There are portable stands that

are designed for outdoor use. These stands are built to take a lot of

wear and tear several times. Indoor stands, on the other hand, are meant

to be long lasting, but have very little protection against moisture or

wind. It is suggested that you purchase the ideal stand for your

purposes. While you can temporarily use an indoor stand outdoors, you

run risk of the stand being damaged. If you typically participate in

indoor events, purchase an indoor stand. If you do end up going to an

outdoor event, you will want to order a cheap outdoor stand for the

purpose. This is the best way to protect your investment. It is also

important to remember that banners need to be specifically crafted for

the outdoors. Banners made for the indoors typically do not include any

coatings to protect them against sunlight or rain.

When you go to purchase your portable banner stand, it is important that

you give sufficient time for the order to be completed. It takes

several business days for just the stand to be prepared and shipped. If

you need banners, you will need to add a few extra days. These days will

be spent confirming the creative for the banner. In addition to this,

the banners will require several days to be manufactured. If you are

ordering a banner for the outdoors, two or three extra days are required

for the coating to be applied and for the coating to dry on the

banners. It is suggested that you give yourself at least three weeks for

a brand new banner and stand order. This process can be sped up,

however, if you already have worked with the manufacturer in the past

and have the banner template already ready.

Once you have received your portable banner stand, it is important that

you take proper care of it. When it is not in use, make certain that you

store it in a cool, dry place. Banners should be stored where sunlight

cannot hit them. Sunlight can cause the banners to fade with exposure

over time, even if they have been treated to protect them. Banners and

stand should be dried before being put into storage.