28th April 2010

Benefit From A Unique, Attractive And Professional Exhibit With Custom Exhibition Stands

Custom exhibition stands are a perfect solution for companies that rely on performances at trade shows and conventions for new clients.

Custom exhibition stands are a perfect solution for companies that rely

on performances at trade shows and conventions for new clients. Unlike

with pre-manufactured stands, it is possible to make a unique,

attractive and professional exhibit with a custom system. However, there

are a lot of things that you are going to need to keep in mind if you

are interested in crafting a custom exhibit for your business. Because

custom work is much more expensive than pre-manufactured systems, you

need to make certain that you will be able to make the most of the

investment. In addition to this, because you would be using custom

sizes, you need to be prepared to pay a premium for the banners and

creative that would be matched with your exhibit.

Once you have decided you do want to invest in custom exhibition stands,

you will need to approach the purchase methodically. You will need to

select a supplier that has the basic systems that you want to use as the

foundation of your exhibit. Most custom stands are actually based off

of pre-existing systems. This allows the customizations company to

quickly make the alterations required to fit your needs. In the

situation where a pre-existing system is nowhere near what you want, you

may have to invest a lot more time and money to make the exhibit that

you want happen. In addition to this, you will need to take the time to

focus on your creative designs. When you are designing a custom system,

you want to ensure that you have a design that will give the best

impression to new clients. Many will make the mistake of trying to fit

the creative around the stands. When you order custom stands, you have

the ability to fit your stands to the creative. This is where you can

get the most impact. When you start the process of ordering a custom

stand, take the time to work with the company on the best creative for

your needs. This will make certain that your stands are ideal for your


Once you have ordered your custom exhibition stands, you need to ensure

that you give enough time for the order to be completed and the exhibit

built. It is strongly suggested that you have the stands in your

possession several weeks prior to the trade show or convention. This

will ensure that you do not have to rush come the time to construct your

exhibit. You will need to hire contractors to help assemble your stands

if your supplier does not offer these services. Most custom stand

systems are a lot more complicated than the portable stand systems that

are pre-manufactured. Ensuring that your exhibit is properly assembled

will go a long way towards maintaining the professional appearance that

you want. Once your trade show is completed, you will want to make

certain that you take proper care of your custom stands. It is important

that you store your stands in a cool, dry place. This will ensure that

there are no mould or mildew build ups while the stands are in storage.

Your banners should be stored out of direct sunlight so that their

colours do not fade.