17th February 2010

Benefits of Bespoke Exhibition Stands

If you're wondering just what bespoke exhibition stands are, the answer is simple.

If you're wondering just what bespoke exhibition stands are, the answer is simple. These are custom-built exhibition stands, built to your specifications. Of course they cost more than the average stand, but there are considerable advantages to them. What are these advantages, you ask? Read on, for the answer....

In any publicity campaign, whether it be a trade show or a branded items handout, whatever money you spend is considered an investment into the returns you hope to see in future, in the form of an enhanced network of customers, and increased business - and increased earnings from that business. So you're walking a fine line here. If you spend too much on the wrong publicity event or gimmick, that is certainly money down the drain.

On the other hand, if you spend in the right way, at the right place, at the right time, the advantages and increased trade you could accrue from this can be impressive indeed.

This is really one of the reasons I recommend bespoke exhibition stands. They are the embodiment of this policy of wise investment.

Basically, the intelligent businessman isn't too stingy about spending on advertisement and publicity – he knows that this is, to and extent, the life-blood of his business, and that any investment here, made wisely, is bound to multiply ten-fold in the future.

Now we come to the trade shows themselves, and the considerable opportunity such an event represents for increasing your net of customer contacts. Each competing company in a field is represented here, all of them putting forward the best 'face' possible, and a customer gets the opportunity of weighing one against the other. Remember this, and think about how bespoke exhibition stands might aid your efforts to stand out.

Remember, most customers at trade shows are there to find you!! And that's a very important thing, one that makes trade shows so crucially important. That landscape, dotted with exhibition stands, is also filled with people actively seeking to give you business.

You, or someone like you – who just might be the company next door. So while trade shows are a considerable opportunity, they are just as much so for your competitor as for you. So it all becomes a matter of seizing the moment, and one of the ways one does this is by using bespoke exhibition stands.

But, as the chinese say, you have to spend money to make money. Take care choosing a company – look at their past work. Don't choose the person who offers the cheapest rates, choose the person with the most original past projects. Go for a company whose designers seem to take pride in their work, and whose stands are so carefully and originally crafted that they almost seem to be works of art.

After looking at all the organisations available, see which one suits you best in terms of designing ability and, of course, of price. There may be companies whose designs you like, but whose prices are just not suitable to you. Be sensible where the money involved is concerned, but not stingy.

Then talk to their management and their creative people. Discuss ideas, see what they come up with, see what you can add to that. Build a solid idea together, and then rely on their construction teams to bring it to reality. And dominate the next trade show with bespoke exhibition stands that are truly symbols of your company.