15th March 2010

Bespoke Exhibition Stand: how to enhance a customer's advertising campaign

A bespoke exhibition stand is actually designed to enhance a customer's advertising campaign.

A bespoke exhibition stand is actually designed to enhance a customer's advertising campaign. Perhaps you think that it is possible to do with any stand: there are thousands of them available on the market, and you can choose from the whole variety of models, sizes, styles and colours. Yet a bespoke stand is different from all of them – it is manufactured as a custom built unit to suit all the peculiarities of your business, meet your requirements and specifications. Who knows better than you what kind of stand would reflect a core of your company? Taking past in a trade show, exhibition, presentation, fair or any other event with lots of competitors and visitors, you bring a bit of your company with you, and it is extremely important represent it in best possible way.

Perhaps you think that bespoke exhibition stand is costlier than an ordinary one. Of course, using an individual approach to manufacture any product involves more expenses, but in the long run getting a bespoke stand turns out to be cost effective and profitable. The main purpose of your advertising campaign is to attract a larger number of potential clients. With a cheap but faceless exhibition stand it would be difficult to achieve, while with a custom built unit you can create a beautiful eye catching presentation. And this is a crucial moment at a trade show, where myriads of competitors will try to overshadow each other.

Of course, for better effect it is possible to combine a bespoke exhibition stand with other means of attracting a visitor's attention, like giving out leaflets and branded gifts. But it would also be rather effective if you use only this stand alone. Your products and services would be properly advertised, and you brand image – imprinted into the memories of your potential clients.

However, it is not easy to choose a right model of stands to be customised. There are so many of them, but it is still possible to make a right choice if all the details concerning your business are taken into consideration. For example, if you are planning to take part in various events all across your city or even throughout the country, it is better to opt for a portable stand – it is easy to transport and relocate if needed. In case you want to install your bespoke exhibition stand in a mall, airport or post office department, it is highly recommended to choose a double sided banner stand – it will provide 360 degree visibility in a big hall full of people. In case you want to change the modification of your stand in the course of the same event in order to refresh your presentation – you should go for a modular stand. If you need your stand to be seen from a distance, it is advisable to consider a specially designed banner stand.

If you hesitate and cannot take a final decision, there are always professional designers and manufacturers who can give you an advice, to develop your ideas or even to design your bespoke exhibition stand from scratch.