16th December 2009

Bespoke Exhibition Stands Design - Basics and Creation

Face to face marketing has many of its own benefits; this is the reason that many companies make efforts to attend exhibitions and trade shows.

Exhibitions are a great place for a face to face marketing. Face to face

marketing has many of its own benefits; this is the reason that many companies

make efforts to attend exhibitions and trade shows. An exhibition or a trade

show is a place where other b2b partners and many visitors are engaged in a

networking environment to buy products and services, this technique of face to

face marketing might be beneficial for your business. And of course, to exhibit

your product or brand you need an exhibition stand. Following description is to

give you an insight about an exhibition stand’s design basics. How should an

exhibition stand look like?

Size and style – the style and the size of your exhibition stand must

be perfect to fit your needs and requirements. There is a wide range of

exhibition stands to choose from, like pop up stands, banner stands etc. some

larger stands also might be bespoke or in shell form. You may also go for a

well designed custom built exhibition stand that meets your requirements and

needs. Some stands are large enough and provide space for private meetings. This

may be helpful as sometimes on site meetings become necessary.

Facilities – This is another aspect that one must consider for an

exhibition stand. The facilities and the accessories must be carefully considered.

How much space you need? For example if you are going to have a visual display

with a laptop you must consider the space required to lay your cables. Another

thing that is most important is to facilitate your visitors or clients by

offering them more space and room for buying and moving around the stand.  

Reuse – Buy a stand that is easy to reuse. Make sure it is re-useable once you

spend money on the exhibition stand. When you buy one go for the designs that

are flexible and easy re –useable. There are many bespoke exhibition stands that

allow you to change the display and graphics. They are versatile and easily

folded up and carried. Once they are dismantled they still can be assembles up

again for reuse.

Graphics and artwork – This is one of the most important parts of your

bespoke exhibition stand, as it is the feature of your stand that allows the

visitors to be attracted to your product. It is a major part of what you are

going to display on the stand, it represents your business image. It is a good

idea to make the graphics and the art work custom made which is according to

your needs and requirements. The graphics that you use must match with your product.

they must be able to attract the visitor in a single look.

Exhibition Kits – Exhibition

kits provide all items under single roof. These are an excellent solution for many

companies, as all of their items can be displayed in a single exhibition. It is

good instead of buying a separate plinth, or a banner or a literature stand.