05th May 2010

Better Promote Your Business With A Sidewinder Banner Stand

A sidewinder banner stand is an excellent choice for those who run a store or attend exhibitions.

A sidewinder banner stand is an excellent choice for those who run a

store or attend exhibitions. As these banner stands are extremely

portable, it is possible to promote your business on the streets or at a

convention without having to dedicate a massive amount of space.

However, in order to make the most out of your banner, there are a few

things that you will need to keep in mind. Effective marketing is not

only having the best tools to advertise with, but knowing how to send

your message to the highest number of people possible with one sign.

However, it is also important to acknowledge that one banner may not be

able to do everything.

The first step to picking out your ideal sidewinder banner stand is to

know what sizes of banner the stand is compatible with.  If you are

purchasing a replacement stand, having a stand that matches your banner

sizes is extremely important. In order for the tensioning mechanisms to

function properly, the banner must be the correct size. Because of this,

many companies will often decide to have new banners created to match

their new stands. When you purchase your stand, you will need to decide

if ordering new banners is the correct choice for you to make. While

using old banners with a new stand can save you money, older banners may

not be as effective at advertising to your market.

Once you know what size banner your new sidewinder banner stand is

compatible with, you will need to determine just how portable your stand

needs to be. Will you be using your banner outside of a store? If so,

the banner stand only needs to be portable enough to bring into the

store after hours. As sidewinder stands are not designed to be permanent

stands, it is important that you do not try to make the stand function

in a way that it was not intended. While resilient against damage, these

stands were not designed to survive constant exposure to the elements.

If you are in need of a permanent banner stand, you may want to choose a

different style of banner stand so that you can get the highest level

of performance and durability. There are several factors you should

account for when you are picking out your stand. Weight, packed size and

ease of construction are all factors that determine how portable a

stand is.

After you have purchased your sidewinder banner stand, it is important

that you take steps to properly maintain it. When your stand is not in

use, you should pack it away in its storage case. Proper storage of your

stand will help ensure that it will function smoothly when you need it

at an exhibition. When you are installing your banner, make certain that

it is fixed firmly into place on the stand. This is important, as the

tensioning mechanisms require a strong hold on the banner. When you use

your stand, make certain that the banners you select are strong enough

to withstand the tension of the banner stand. Flimsy paper banners are

prone to tearing when used with strong tensioned banner stands.