Bluehat UK set to expand following major account wins…

20th November 2009

Multi award winning live event specialist Bluehat UK have just been nominated as an approved supplier to Tesco.

Bluehat were selected because the activities created by them are seen to be at the cutting edge of live events, particularly conferences. Other recent new wins include events for Proctor and Gamble, Virgin and Carphone Warehouse.

As a result of these recent wins Bluehat are recruiting.

Managing Director at Bluehat, Tim Shepley says: “We recognise that it has been a tough time for many event agencies and we’re proud to be thriving and therefore able to offer experienced event specialists some exciting opportunities.”

Bluehat UK specialise in live events with particular emphasis on communication, motivation and performance related outcomes. “Clearly at times like this of dramatic change companies realise that one of their most challenging priorities is to create a stable and rewarding environment for employees so that the organisation can continue to perform effectively. We love being able to do this in a cost-effective and refreshing way for our clients,” he says.

“If live events already form part of an organisation’s internal communication strategy then who wouldn’t want to make them as powerful as possible? Successful integration and engagement at conferences is a ‘must-have’ in 2010.”

Bluehat are forecasting that they will show a 30% growth in 2009.