Business Public Liability Insurance

13th July 2010

Most small to medium sized businesses will find it costly to obtain

business public liability insurance for their company, but all will find

that it is a necessary and worthwhile investment.  One customer with

one small injury in your small or medium sized business can easily run

your company into the ground.  As we all know a small injury can often

turn into thousands or even hundreds of thousands in medical bills

between the medical corrections of the injury, the psychological therapy

to circumvent the mental anguish of the injury.  Often the injury may

not be that serious but some customers will not think twice about

inflating the injury and suing the company owner in order to get ahead. 

Just one occurrence like this can easily ruin your business.


public liability insurance can be costly but it is so necessary that no

business should consider allowing the public to enter their store or

shop without a comprehensive liability insurance policy that covers

their business in the event of an unexpected injury.  Most business

owners would feel extremely silly if not stupid if something was to

happen and they were to be sued as a result of not having a liability

policy; why let that be you?  You should quickly get in touch with your

insurance agent to find out what kind of insurance they offer that can

help save you the financial embarrassment of a slip and fall type law


Business public liability insurance is among the first

things you should obtain when you are opening your new business.  If

there is a chance that your customers will come right into your shop or

retail location you definitely need to protect yourself with public

liability insurance.  You will however need to read the terms and

conditions of your policy as well to ensure you are operating within the

parameters of the policies stipulations.  You might be required to use

specific sings while construction is taking place, or you might need to

close the shop entirely during construction or other such stipulations

that will make your shop safer for your customers.


public liability insurance can save your company a lot of money and

hardship but only if you operate within the policy's parameters. You

need to have a clear vision of what is expected of you because if you

violate those terms you might have been paying thousands for your

insurance policy only to find out it will not protect you at all simply

because you forgot to put up a sign, or you opened the shop on a day you

should not have.  This insurance policy can be a saviour to your

company or it can be an expense that does not pay off.  


public liability insurance is something you are not going to want to go

without  on your businesses opening day, you will be busy, things will

be confusing and your habits will not yet be firmly in place so things

could easily be overlooked.  If you are expecting customers in your

store or shop you need to have your insurance policy in place to ensure

you do not lose your shirt and your company.