Business Public Liability Insurance Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

17th May 2010

For anyone running a serious business public liability insurance is

a must. Because in these rather desperate financial times, everyone is

looking to make a profit, and people are not always ethical as to where

their next dollar comes from. Add to this the fact that many people see

companies and business as fair prey, in that they feel that a large

business can afford to pay them compensation – you know the attitude

that says 'That's a big business, they'll never feel the amount they

pay me.'

Yes, perhaps this is a mistaken attitude, but the

fact that you know it exists does not make it any easier to deal with.

One serious argument for business public liability insurance is the

fact that compensations have to be paid out even when a business is

demonstrably not at fault in an incident.

Consider the

teenager who persistently skates on your property despite the strictest

warning that he not do so. What happens? He happens to fall and hurt

his leg, and of course, his parents demand compensation. Of course they

do. No one considers the fact that the boy had no business being on

your property in the first place.

Under such circumstances,

not being covered by insurance could well prove disastrous to your

better interests. Whereas is you are covered by business public

liability insurance does not have to concern itself with considering

and guarding against such out of the way, yet distinct, possibilities

as I have just described. Let us face it, are you to be concern

yourself with every possible law suit, or are you to concentrate on

running your business? And we both know the answer to that question.


a good insurance company will cover you for the amount of the damages

that you might have to pay out in the course of running your business –

not only this, but they will also cover you for the amount of your

legal costs. This is crucially important, as even if you win a lawsuit,

a good lawyers fees can quite accurately be called exorbitant, and

while they might not be equal to the cost of losing a suit, they are

not to be disregarded either.

Matters become worse if you do not have a business public liability

insurance and actually lose a lawsuit, thus having to pay not only

damages, but heavy legal fees to the very firm that lost litigation for

you. Not to mention that the judge might ask you to pay the legal fees

of the opposing party as well.

To a business in which every penny is balanced in a find tuned ratio of profit and loss, and where

even a moderate loss can start a downward spiral, an expensive lawsuit

– and remember that some of them can run to a million Pounds – can be


It is not too much to say that a serious

lawsuit has meant the bankruptcy of many a small business, and if you

do not want to see the business you have spend a lifetime building up

pass from your hands for a reason almost too ridiculous to contemplate,

you would be well advised to invest in a good business public liability

insurance company. Because the simple fact is, it is an investment in

every sense of the word – and investment in the future of your business

that is sure to yield you peace of mind.