05th March 2009

Businesses 'should embrace new technology'

Companies working in the events industry are constantly striving to deliver technological advances for an enhanced confe. . .

<p>Companies working in the events industry are constantly striving to deliver technological advances for an enhanced conferencing experience, with experts encouraging businesses to embrace new developments.</p><p>Richard Waddington, chief executive of First Protocol, says one advantage of the latest equipment is that it allows several conventions to be linked digitally.</p><p>"Virtual technology means that it is not simply a case of people talking to you, but a case of them talking with you," he affirms.</p><p>Last month, Polycom launched its latest video communications and conferencing platform which it claims is the first to offer broadcast-quality pictures for users, including 1080p and 720p high-definition (HD) images.</p><p>The Polycom RMX 2000 V4.0 can be used to sharpen low-resolution streams to DVD quality and standard definition video calls to HD.</p><p>Joe Sigrist, senior vice president and general manager of video solutions at the company, says: "It is also the only platform that can be optimised for either pure HD or mixed-resolution environments, giving customers the flexibility to adapt their infrastructure as application needs change."</p><p>Increasingly, firms are releasing eco-friendly systems, in response to businesses efforts to lower their carbon footprint.</p><p>Think Green Systems recently launched what it describes as the "first true green" display equipment.</p><p>It has spent two years developing a portable modular exhibit system that will "withstand the scrutiny of environmental industry leaders and eco-conscious consumers".</p><p>The firm has used green materials such as bamboo, recycled plastics and bottles to create the displays, as well as lightweight, reconfigurable aluminium and LED lights that are four times more efficient than a standard light bulb and last ten times longer.</p><p>It has even gone as far as making the shipping cases recycled and recyclable.</p><p>"Our new sustainable exhibits will provide companies with a bold statement on the trade show floor while still allowing them to show their true colours," says David Wood, marketing manager at Think Green Displays.</p><p>Included in the range of products are eco-friendly banner stands and pop-ups.</p><p>Another company to go green with its latest offerings is Coopers Limited, which sells exhibition displays and flooring.</p><p>The firm says its latest display system has a unique design which is "a long way from wobbly pop ups and banner stands".</p><p>Coopers has previously been nominated for most innovative product or service at the Exhibition News Awards and has recently launched a new flooring system which it claims can hide all cables and wires, as well as being transferrable and reusable.</p><p>The bases for aluminium graphic stands, monitors and uplighters are also concealed under the surface to ensure stability and also save space, the company states.</p><p>"We're delighted to be launching our latest display system. Apart from making a real statement each time it's used, the cost benefits of the Cooper system are hard to beat. It's reusable, easy and quick to put up, take down and transport and it's incredibly hard wearing so it lasts an age," says the firm's Lee Cooper.</p><p>Finally, ExCel experienced a world first earlier this year when it installed Fish's real time management system, enabling organisers to track the exact location of every visitor at the event to within an accuracy of six inches.<br/><img alt="ADNFCR-1753-ID-19058335-ADNFCR" src="http://feeds.directnews.co.uk/feedtrack/justcopyright.gif?feedid=1753&it..." /></p>