02nd December 2009

Can You Count on a Collapsible Chair?

Whether you need a collapsible chair for an important business event or a family gathering, you want chairs that you can count on.

Whether you need a collapsible chair for an important

business event or a family gathering, you want chairs that you can count on.

Nothing would be worse or more embarrassing than having a chair collapse under

the weight of the person sitting in it. When you evaluate chairs for your

event, here are the things that you should keep in mind before making a final

lease or purchase.

  • Are

    the chairs sturdy enough? Obviously, you want the chairs to support the

    people who will be sitting in them. If they are broken down or flimsy, you

    don’t want them. Remember that not all people are the same size or weight,

    and there are likely to be heavier people at your event. Make sure that

    the chairs are sturdy and strong enough to support the.

  • Is a

    collapsible chair balanced enough? Wobbly chairs are irritating to the

    people who are forced to sit in them. Over time, and with extended use,

    the chairs become somewhat warped, and there is nothing that can be done

    to stop them from wobbling. These chairs will need to be replaced. They

    won’t break, but they will be very irritating.

  • Is

    the chair constructed in such a way that it will be comfortable? Have you

    ever sat in a metal chair, moved slightly, and felt a pinch on your

    backside or the side of your leg or hip? Chairs that fold can pinch, and

    you will want to make sure that the chair was constructed in a way that

    doesn’t allow this to happen. You also want to make sure that the design

    of the chair will be comfortable for those who sit in it, such as having

    curves for the bottom and the back of the legs, or having a backrest that

    is comfortable.

  • Are

    the seats of the collapsible chair large enough? Often these chairs have

    small seats, which are extremely uncomfortable for larger people. Large

    people hate to sit down and spill over the sides of the chair – it looks

    ridiculous, it makes them look bigger than they actually are, and again,

    it is highly uncomfortable. Large seats are preferred and much more


  • Does

    the chair need servicing and maintenance? Whether you own the chairs or

    you are leasing the chair, make sure that you check each chair personally

    to ensure that it is in good shape, and that it isn’t going to fall apart.

    Often, screws need to be tightened, and in some cases, metal bars are bent

    or misshapen, and they will need to be straightened, or replaced. Do not

    rely on others to perform these checks.


cannot count on a collapsible chair all of the time, but if you apply this

information to the chairs that you evaluate, you will be able to count on those

chairs 100% in most cases. Unfortunately, many people will order chairs,

without giving it any consideration at all. Make absolutely sure that you do

not make that mistake, and that you remember that not all chairs are created

the same.