14th December 2009

Can You Grid Your Chalkboard?

Face it – there isn’t a great deal that you can do with a chalkboard, other than write on it and erase it.

Face it –

there isn’t a great deal that you can do with a chalkboard, other than write on

it and erase it. While there are many reasons why businesses and schools are

now opting for white boards instead, one reason is that it is very difficult to

customize a black board – and very easy to customize a white board. Here are

the various ways that you can customize a whiteboard with grids.

  • Highlighting Options – You can

    easily highlight any rows or columns that you want to highlight with a

    whiteboard. Highlighting isn’t possible at all with a traditional black

    board. Highlighting on a white board is done with the use of whiteboard

    tape. There are few tape options available for black boards, and the

    options that do exist aren’t very good.

  • Neater Column Headings than on a

    Traditional Chalkboard – With a whiteboard, you can easily use white board

    tape or adhesive lettering – or even magnetic lettering – to create column

    headings or row information. This looks much neater, and more

    professional, than trying to achieve the same thing with chalk on a

    traditional black board.

  • Customize with Tape and Magnets

    – Whiteboard tape and magnets, along with adhesive lettering, can easily

    be used for any type of on-the-fly customization that you desire on a

    white board. Again, this isn’t really possible with a black board, as you

    are severely limited by what you can do with coloured chalk and a ruler

    for the most part. Again, you can greatly enhance your professional image

    more with a white board.

  • Straighter Rows and Columns

    than on a Traditional Chalkboard – As mentioned, if you want rows and

    columns on a traditional blackboard, you are fairly limited to what you

    can accomplish with chalk and a ruler. Even the different coloured chalk

    that you can use doesn’t offer much in the way of separating between the

    spaces that you create in the information that you write in them. This is

    all very easily accomplished with a white board.

  • A WideRange

    of Colour Options Without Dusty Chalk – While coloured chalk does exist,

    there is a much larger selection of colours available with dry erase

    markers. There is also a wide selection of tip sizes for the markers, and

    while there are different chalk sizes, in the end, those different sizes

    don’t make much difference at all really – as chalk is used it degrades,

    forever changing the tip that is used for writing. You also won’t have

    chalk dust when you use dry erase markers.

As you can see, whiteboards are superior to a

chalkboard in every way imaginable. The reason that many educational

institutions have switched to whiteboards is because of allergies that are

affected by chalk dust. This is a growing problem in businesses as well, and a

white board offers you a much more viable, professional option in the long run,

with a greater level of flexibility in how the board is used as well. If you

were considering a black board – you might want to rethink your options.