Card Processors: Use Plastic Not Paper

3rd December 2009

More and more companies are turning to credit cards as a way to utilize

payments quickly and accurately.  Card processors are becoming the norm

for any business looking to utilize their selling potential.  Many

small businesses still do not accept credit cards and the truth is that

it is hurting their sells.

Individuals often do not carry any cash whether it is for fear of

losing the money or just the fact that it is easier to carry credit

cards.  A company looking to maximize their selling potential can

easily do so by utilizing credit card sales.

These processors can speed up the process of consumer to merchant by

transmitting data quickly over a processor’s computer network.  That is

just one of the many benefits, some others include:

• Safe Transactions

• Tracking On All Purchases

• Easy Book Keeping For Businesses

• No Actual Money (Paper) Changing Hands

• Protection of Data on Sales and Purchases

A business can utilize credit card sales relatively easily.  The

merchant can make a sale and the customer will then use their credit

card along with the card number and the amount.  The processors will

often times be a bank but that is not always the case, sometimes the

processor is simply a middle man providing processing services.

The next step for the processor is that the transaction will then be

sent to a credit card company for processing.  At that point the bank

that the customer has the account through will be checked to insure

that the funds are there before the purchase is completed.  The card

processors are then responsible for receiving the authorization over

the computer network.  At that point the sale is complete and secured.

The business will send the all charges from their processor to the

network and each transaction will be processed.  The merchant will

receive their funds minus any fees for processing and the transaction

is totally complete.

All of these things happen in seemingly an instant.  A swipe of a card

creates the whole chain of events.  When receiving cash or paper from a

consumer it is hard to match up unless receipts are kept accordingly

and the cash till is accurate at the end of each transaction.  Card

processors are vital in the completion of these transactions and all of

the data is kept through the processor instead of relying on manual

data entry.

Many small businesses do not have these processors and are at a total

disadvantage when receiving payments from consumers.  A typical

consumer is more likely to walk away from a merchant who does not

accept credit cards just because of the ease of the transaction.  Why

put that stress on your business when you can simply process

transactions for a minimal fee?

Businesses count on quick and friendly transactions to keep them ahead

of the cutting edge.  Card processors, especially PDQ machines, are the base in which the cutting

edge is judged.  Not utilizing credit cards when processing sales is

like robbing your company of income.