15th January 2010

Card terminals: the right kind of equipment is very crucial for all types of businesses

The right kind of equipment is very crucial for all types of businesses, and card terminals are not an exception.

The right kind of equipment is very crucial for all types of businesses, and card terminals are not an exception. It is mistaken to think that all of them are pretty much the same, and you can casually drop in to a shop and pick up the first one. They are different, and the purpose of such variety of them is to provide the best services for various kinds of business organisations. The peculiarities of food delivery company are different from the ones of a medical store or retail shop. Every detail should be taken into account: the way you cooperate with clients, the usual places you arrange your sales in, the amounts you are ready to spend for purchasing and maintaining a terminal, additional features you would like it to have and so on. 

If you run your business without contacting the clients personally, perhaps card terminals are not necessary for you as such. A software installed into your laptop for conducting the credit cards transactions would be the most suitable option. If your company involves selling the products on the go, or you are a regular visitor of all sorts of trade shows and exhibition, a mobile credit card machine is indispensable for you. And in case you conduct all the transactions from a static place, like a restaurant, mall or office, a wired in-store equipment is quite acceptable for you. But perhaps you would prefer to have a back up option in case something goes wrong with you main credit card machine. In this case it is advisable to choose one of the wireless card terminals.

Anyway, make sure your equipment is user friendly enough. In the course of our business activity we deal not only with money, first of all we are dealing with people. And the convenience for a client should be a number one priority for every business owner. Of course, such attitude will result into enlarging the target group of your potential consumers. A user friendly credit card machine should have a swiping option, and not only for salesmen to conduct the operation, but also for clients to minimise the risk. Also, for the safety of your clients, make sure that an encryption system of your terminal is upgradeable.

It is also convenient when card terminals have a printer, it can be in-built or attached. Usually the consumers prefer to get the receipts printed as a confirmation of the transactions. Most of the in-built printers have moving parts, therefore the equipment should be maintained well, without dust collecting inside. Take into consideration the circumstances under which the sales are usually conducted: if there is a strong possibility of mechanical damages for your equipment, it is necessary to choose the least breakable device.

If with all the tips taken into consideration you are still hesitant, it is always possible to rent the most appropriate device for a short term and to test it. This way you will be sure that you are going to make a right choice among all the card terminals, and it will work best for you.