04th December 2009

Chair Arm Covers: Armed and Dangerous

Chairs can get dinged up and destroyed just from everyday use. In order to protect a chair’s arms it is necessary to have chair arm covers.

Chairs can get dinged up and destroyed just from everyday use.  In order to protect a chair’s arms it is

necessary to have chair arm covers. 

These covers can be used for protection but also add a hint of elegance

to the furnishing.  Utilizing covers is a

lot like utilizing gloves, you can live without them but at what cost?

Think back to the chairs you have or have sat on, have any of those ever

had a lost arm cover or had damage to the arms? 

Depending on where you have been the answer to that question is more

than likely yes. The question is what

can be done about it?

By using chair arm covers you can definitely protect the product and add

(depending on what covers you choose) an almost unlimited amount of style.  Chair can get beat up very quickly especially

if they are used for more than just decoration. 

In any home or office it is vital that this part of furniture look its

best at all times.

A first opinion of a chair is going to be all about the looks of it. Does

it match the office?  Is it worn

out?  Does it have scratches or scraps on

the arms?  Do not let the answer to any

of these questions be yes about your chairs.

 The amount of options when deciding how to make your chair look better

is amazing.  If a budget is called for,

then covering them is the right decision as purchasing completely new ones is

very pricy.  Chair arm covers can make a

bold statement for even less!

The statement that most chair owners are trying to make is beauty and

elegance.  Sitting in it in a beautiful

room may be the most comfortable thing but even if a chair is comfortable the

majority of people will not sit in a hideous one. So an obvious question is

what can be accomplished by covering the arms of it?  The advantages to covering the arms are:

  • It is very affordable
  • It will maintain it’s value
  • Covers can be replaced at any time
  • The arms of chair are protected from wear and tear
  • Arm covers can be cleaned and dyed to match a special


  • The beauty and elegance that chair arm covers can add

    can be the difference between a good room and a great room

When choosing the type of fabric for covers it is vital that a durable fabric

is chosen.  The arms take the brunt of

friction as when an individual sits in a sit it is usually their arms that

continuously rub the furniture.  A cover

can stop those unsightly bulges and dips by covering the fabric and stopping


An important thing to remember in the world of furniture covering is the

fit.  The same can be said about chair

arm covers, they must fit the item both size-wise and colour scheme.  So make sure that the items you own are armed

and dangerous or if you do not want to be so cliché then protected and