23rd February 2010

Chair Cover Sashes – Fabrics and Colour Schemes

Chair cover sashes allow for an easy and affordable way to decorate a special event.

Chair cover sashes allow for an easy and affordable way to decorate a special event. There are a number of materials and colour schemes to choose from, which allows for unique designs that will perfectly meet your needs and preferences. In this article, we will talk about four of the most popular materials used in the making of decorative sashes: organza, gossamer, grosgrain, and satin. Each of these fabrics has its specifics, which we will discuss below. We will also give colour scheme suggestions that you may want to consider.

Organza: this is an extremely light and almost completely transparent fabric made of silk, polyester or viscose by twisting two fibres. Organza has been a wedding fashion setter for the past several years, especially for chair cover sashes and decorations. It’s a luxury, iridescent material that shines and sparkles, changing its colour depending on lighting and viewing angle. Organza can have beautiful patterns, prints, embroidery, and etching. A type of material called super organza is matte rather than gloss. Airy organza can add to any interior, including weddings and banquets. Sashes made of this fabric can be combined with any other textures used in the interior décor.

Gossamer: this is a fine, soft, lightweight, shiny, and sheer fabric, similar to gauze. It's typically made of silk. It’s less shiny and iridescent than organza. Nevertheless, it makes for gorgeous interior decorations.

Grosgrain: this is yet another popular material used for chair cover sashes. It is a crosswise ribbed fabric made of silk or silk-like materials. The narrow ribs give it a very festive appearance, and that's why it's commonly used at weddings and banquets.

Satin: this is a glossy-faced, smooth fabric that originated in China. It's typically made of silk, rayon, or synthetics. It is much heavier than organza and gossamer. This material is commonly used in the making of wedding gowns, chair covers and tablecloths. If you use satin ribbons at a wedding, you can match them with many other decor items.

Any of these fabrics can be used for beautiful decorative items at elegant events. These materials can be tied into gorgeous bows; they can have patterns superimposed on them, as well as they can be personalized. The personalizing of the chair cover sashes is very popular today. The sashes can be marked with the names of the guests, using embroidered or sequined letters.

The choice of colours is so astounding that you could get lost in it. So, here are some colour scheme ideas for you to consider:

Purples: lilac, lavender, and purple.
Pink: hot pink, light pink, fuchsia, and red.
Oranges: tangerine, coral, and red.
Burgundy: burgundy, dark green, gold, champagne, and cream.
Blues: navy, ocean blue, and sky blue.

Fall shades: burgundy, navy, dark green, silver, gold, cream, taupe, brown, and plum.
Winter shades: red, white, cream, silver, gold, burgundy, navy, sky blue, and plum.
Spring shades: pink, lilac, tangerine, hot pink, lime, yellow, fuchsia, cream, and white.
Summer shades: red, orange, yellow, coral, fuchsia, green, lime, sky blue, and lavender.

Match your table clothes, chair covers, and match or accent the chair cover sashes, and you will bring life to your special event.