24th February 2010

Chair Seat Covers and Tips for Choosing Them

Chair seat covers can change the entire look of a dining room, as well as protect the furniture from stains and daily wear and tear.

Chair seat covers can change the entire look of a dining room, as well as protect the furniture from stains and daily wear and tear. These products are made of attractive fabrics. They may come in solids or have embossed designs, including floral and leaf patterns. Most covers are very easy to attach using their corner ties or Velcro tabs. The beautiful and affordable modern chair covers can be employed for everyday use or entertaining guests. Alternatively, you can take them off when you have company to show the beautiful furniture underneath.

Another popular option is clear vinyl protectors. These are perfect for good looking furniture that you wouldn’t want to conceal. Heavy duty vinyl will protect your chairs, at the same time allowing you to display their beauty. These items will come in handy if you have little children, when spilled drinks or drips of food can be an issue. If you have these on your chairs, all you need to do is wipe them off with a sponge. The issue with vinyl is that it may not stay in place. However, it can be stapled to the chairs. Another issue is that vinyl may stick to bare legs, especially in hot weather. That’s why many people choose to use vinyl underneath to protect the cushions from larger spills, and have fabric covers on top for a nice look and feel.

So, let’s talk more about the fabric chair seat covers. They can be rectangular or round. They come in a range of materials, including velvet-like fabrics, polyester, and cotton. The popular colours include burgundy, blue, green, cream, and black. Many items have bow accents with slightly different colour shades. They are machine washable. Covers with patterns are considered to be more practical, as they will absorb smaller spills seamlessly, allowing you to wash them only occasionally. These products are quite flat, which solves the issue of padded tie-on cushions that often make the seats too high.

Here are some aspects to check and look for prior to your purchase. You may want to check the dimensions of your chairs to ensure that your chair seat covers or protectors will fit. You may also want to look for the items that have four ties rather than two, as the latter are known to slide of.

Once you purchase what you like, make sure to learn how to care for them, and they will last for years. Most common suggestions are to wash them in cold water, iron low (if the tag says that the product can be ironed), and use mild detergents. Cotton fabrics are more resistant to temperature and detergents, while synthetic materials may require more gentle care. Laundromat dryers are known to damage synthetic covers. If you have a solid colour design, you may want to wash it right after any spillage to prevent stains from becoming permanent.

Thus, if you were considering re-upholstering your chairs, you may want to reconsider. The present-day chair seat covers are so unobtrusive and affordable that they may look better than the most attractive and expensive re-upholstery, as well as save you a lot of money. The end result – you save in price and gain in looks.