Charity Event Insurance Will Protect Staff and Volunteers

5th July 2010

Most charity event insurance policies are ideal for protection

against cancellation, rescheduling or any mishaps occurring while making

arrangements for the event or during the actual event. With an

appropriate insurance in place, you will feel more relaxed, as an event

gone wrong might end up in a big financial damage.

If you are a charity, you will always need protection not just for your

assets but also for your helpers, staff and volunteers. As a trustee,

you are responsible to safeguard the property of a charity from direct

loss or damage and also from third party liabilities which would

otherwise need to be satisfied out of the property of the charity. 

• Whatever your charity is, there are companies you can help get perfect

charity event insurance for all your requirements. This policy can be

designed to protect you from certain kinds of claims that occur as a

result of accidents taking place during the event. You can also extend

your insurance cover making it appropriate for you as an employer should

your staff make a claim.

• There are many different risks that should be taken into account when

organising a charity fundraising event. As an event organiser, you are

responsible for the safety of others but there are other risks to

consider as well like for example financial losses as a result of

cancellation of the event due to adverse weather, fire etc. 

• As a charity event organiser, you should always take expert insurance

advice to ensure that all possible risks are covered by your charity

event insurance. There are companies who would offer perfect and cost

effective solution to meet your needs and protect your business or

organisation if it is held liable for property damage or bodily injury.

• Injuries to the visitors or to members of staff can occur especially

if there are hazardous activities involved in an event such as bungee

jumping or parachute jumps and for that, you must also have public

liability insurance. It will offer cover against claims by third parties

over injury and property damage.

• Insurance policies do vary so much and be really difficult to

understand at times, so its’ always a good idea to ask for an advice

before making any decision. It is also quite possible that the insurance

cover is included in the actual hire contract of buildings, grounds or


• The voluntary sector has diverse needs, so an insurance broker who

knows a lot about one aspect, won’t necessarily be good at others. So

always check out what similar organisations have they worked for, as

well as about the recommended brokers or insurance companies. Things

should never be taken for granted and should always be discussed with

and advisor first prior to the start of an event.

Your charity event insurance will cover you from losing profits if your

event should have to be cancelled due to various reasons that are not

under your control and will let you worry about other important aspects

of your events.