28th June 2010

Charity Event Insurance Will Protect You Against Cancellation Or Any Other Unforseen Circumstance

Charity event insurance offers support if you are facing a claim for compensation payable to a third party and if the incident happens during your event.

Charity event insurance offers support if you are facing a claim for

compensation payable to a third party and if the incident happens during

your event. This type of insurance has to be on the agenda early in

your event planning process. Running events can be a nerve racking thing

at times. There are cases, when things can go terribly wrong and all

your plans might get ruined. Always look at the things of what you are

planning, what can go wrong and what can you do to guard yourself

against any accidents or mishaps? What would you do if your expensive

equipment has been stolen or if someone gets injured? Have you ever

thought about on how to protect yourself, if you get sued? As an event

organiser you have to face these types of challenges. This can be really

worrying, if you end up losing entire year’s funding, there might be

many who are relying on you.

• Charity event insurance is ideal to provide protection against

cancellation, abandonment, curtailment or other mishaps or disruption in

any planned event.

• While organising an event, you have to consider a number of areas. For

example, there are many volunteers and helpers involved in charity

events, so first of all think about the legalities of staffing events in

some depth. If you are not sure about something, ask for an expert

advice to ensure you are fully covered or not. Regarding the venue or

property that you are using, also check the contract to see what your

responsibilities are for damages to the property, as in some cases, they

may be more than just legal liability exposures.

• Charity event insurance is also meant to offer cover for speakers or

entertainers who fail to turn up due to emergency, delays or other

problems outbreaks of infectious diseases, terrorism damaging the

property or preventing access, adverse weather conditions, strikes and

outbreaks of civil disorder which can have indirect effects.

• If you have hired expensive equipment, you should go through the

details that are listed in the contracts for hire. If it mentions it’s

your responsibility for risks of breakdown or the loss of hire charges

under hire agreements, then make sure you have proper insurance policy

in case if anything goes wrong.

• Your insurance provider can help you get the competitive rates and the

best products. He/she is there to help so give him or her all the

details that he or she needs to underwrite the risk. Also tell him or

her about the event, and discuss what risks may be involved. You should

have appropriate and fully comprehensive charity event insurance in

place, if the event includes any dangerous activities such as sponsored

bungee jumps, parachute dives or racing of some sort.

Charity event insurance policy is specialised low cost policy, which can

be designed to guard you and give you peace of mind and covers losses

for events which occur due to unforeseen circumstances.