Cheapest Public Liability Insurance

2nd June 2010

The best method of obtaining the Cheapest

Public Liability Insurance is to call for online quotes and select the cheapest

and the best insurance policy which is most appropriate for you or your


Given below are some points that you can

keep in mind when selecting this type of insurance policy:

  • A public Liability Insurance is vital, though not compulsory,

    if your business works closely with the public.

  • Online websites provide comprehensive information and assistance

    to help you select the appropriate insurance policy for you or your


  •  An insurance policy of

    this type is critical for your business to cover your company against any

    type of damage, property loss of the public.

  • Obtaining at least a Cheapest Public Liability Insurance for

    your business is very advisable as it gives immense peace of mind.

  • Take your time to check out the premiums that are available online.

    Be extra cautious with low premiums, as there can be hidden costs and

    areas of cover may be reduced.


of the basic questions asked on the preliminary online form to obtain quotes:

  • Business type:



Other Premises

Work from

home/or 3rd party sites only

  • Do you have a secondary trade?
  • The type of business you conduct:     

                  Sole Proprietor


                        Limited Partnership


                        Public Limited

  • Start date of the cover
  • Number of clerical workers
  • Number of manual workers
  • Number of workers involved in both clerical and manual work
  • When your business was established
  • The number of claim-free years you have been insured

If you are a policy holder of a Cheapest

Public Liability Insurance and an injured party makes a claim, you only need to

follow these steps:

  • Pass the claim onto your insurance agent
  • You can continue with your job/work
  • Provide the insurers with any information they require

It is as simple as this – the entire

concept of owning an Insurance policy.

The amount of cover that you will need will

depend on the nature, the size, number of employees and the scope of activities

in your company. A small business will at least require a 1 million cover. It

cannot be considered a lot in the event a number of claims are raised against

you. Try not to underestimate the cover

amount for your policy.

There are many online sites which offer a

range of cheap policies which can be tailored to suit your business and budget.

If there has been damage or loss to

property, or injury to a third party and a claim has been filed against you,

your insurance company will pay all compensations, damages as well as legal


If the claim is for you, then the insurance

company will take responsibility of collected all legal costs from the


When searching for Cheapest Public

Liability Insurance on the Internet, do not confuse yourself with the many

other similar policies that are also available, such as Property Owner’s

Liability, or Employer’s Liability and many other similar insurance policies.