13th July 2010

Choose The Right Menu Holder For Your Restaurant

A simple yet often overlooked fact in restaurants is this - the menu may be the star with its specials and all, but it is the menu holder that makes the menu.

A simple yet often overlooked fact in restaurants

is this -

the menu may be the star with its specials and all, but it is the menu


that makes the menu. It is the manager, publicist, spokesperson, and


Therefore, if you are in the restaurant or food business, do not

overlook menu

holders. Make them as attractive and impressionable as possible because


can make or break your menus…and maybe even your business.

Menu holders reflect the kind of business,

specifically the restaurant

you have. It is not just about the menu and its content. It speaks


about the kind of establishment you have. It can say that yours is a


and fine dining place, a laidback diner, or a modern take on the



In other words, it creates an impression even


customers reach out for the menu and open it to see what your business

has to


Choosing the right menu holder for your business is

just as

important as concocting the perfect dishes. It should be the ideal size


properly contain a menu. It should not be too big or too small to look

out of

place on a table. It should also be with just the right shade of color

as not

to overshadow the menu but instead, enhance it to make it look more


The kind of holder is also vital for suiting it to the restaurant.

Flip-top menu cardholders are the most common but

are best

suited to the more informal or casual restaurant. The conventional


meanwhile, are often seen in upscale, formal dining places where one can

see a

menu holder for the drinks, another for the desserts, and a separate one


the restaurant’s specials.

The holders can also differ in materials. There are


acrylic, glass, plastic, and metal. Your selection will also depend on

your establishment.

You can’t just place a plastic holder in a delicate five-star dining

table in

your upscale restaurant. It looks off and extremely inappropriate.

Similarly, a

classic-looking wood and sophisticated glass holders are not in the best


when used in a diner and casual eatery.

Menu holders should not be limited to the dining

tables. You

can place one on the bar and another in the reception area. Maximize


areas for promoting what your business has to offer. This is

particularly true

for special events and occasions when perhaps, you have more specials,


and one-time offers.

A menu holder positioned near the entrance to your

restaurant is also one way to draw in traffic. Some people may not know


where they will be dining and are still scouting for potential places.

Put your

business out there. Show them what you’ve got! An enticing menu is

great, but

pair it with a striking holder, and that’s really something. You are


your business an attractive image, good promotion, and possibly more


Consequently, pleasing the customers with your food, ambiance, and

service will

gain your business loyal clienteles who will keep coming back for more.

Make a good impression by not disregarding the

small details

of restaurant business. Menu holders are one of them.