03rd December 2009

Choosing the Type, Style, and Number of Folding Tables Needed For Your Event

Folding tables may not seem overly important when planning an event, but they are really more important than you might realize.

Folding tables may not seem overly important when planning

an event, but they are really more important than you might realize. No matter

what the focus of your event is, like chairs, the tables will be getting

attention because people will be sitting at them. Naturally, you not only want

the tables to blend into your decoration or theme, but you also need the tables

to be functionally able to serve their purpose. Here are questions that you

need to answer before selecting the tables that you will lease or purchase.

  • How

    many people are expected, and how many can be seated per table? These

    tables are available in a variety of sizes, and the number of people that

    will be attending your event, and the amount of space that you have

    available will matter very much when it comes to selecting the size, in

    terms of how many people can be seated at one table, and the total number

    of tables that you require.

  • How

    much space is available for folding tables at your event? Again, the

    amount of space that you need will be important when selecting tables. If

    you have two hundred people attending, but only have room for ten tables

    that each seat four to six people, you need to rethink the situation,

    because you cannot fit that many tables into the space that you have.

  • Is

    your event more formal or less formal? This is something that only a

    handful of people will need to consider, since typically the tables will

    have some sort of covering on them. However, if for some reason your

    tables will not be covered, you need to establish whether your event is

    formal or not, and choose tables that suit the event.

  • How

    will the folding tables be used at your event? Will the tables be used for

    serving food? Will they be used by participants for writing? How the

    tables will be used is very important, as it gives you some indication as

    to how sturdy the tables need to be, as well as how much room each table

    needs to provide the people who are seated there.

  • Where

    will the tables be stored before and after the event? Often furnishings

    are delivered either the day before the event, or the day of the event,

    depending on the time that the event starts. Will you need to store your

    tables, even for a short time, before or after the event? If so, how much

    storage room do you have available? Just because the tables fold,

    depending on the number of tables you have, they could take up a great

    deal of storage room.


you use this information to help you select the type, style, and number of

folding tables that you need for your event or special occasion, the ordering

process will go much more smoothly, and you will end up with exactly what you

need for your event, instead of having to make due with what you end up with.