Christmas parties 'vital' for staff morale, say workers

24th September 2009

Event organisers could be in demand this Christmas as three-quarters of workers believe Yule-tide parties are essential for staff morale, according to the latest research.

Outsourced Events surveyed 200 people working in government, marketing, healthcare, education, finance, hospitality and technology, and found that the vast majority felt festive celebrations were important for rewarding hard work and loyalty.

In addition, 60 per cent said they wanted a corporate Christmas party this year, while 55 per cent felt their employers should spend at least £31 per person on this.

"Christmas events do not have to be expensive. There are ways to tighten the purse strings and still do the right thing for staff at Christmas," said Alexandra Sibley, director of Outsourced Events.

If the Yule-tide bash is not an option, 29 per cent felt a team lunch would be a suitable alternative, while 38 per cent wanted an extra day off work instead.

Meanwhile, Philip Carlisle, chief executive of the Guild of Travel Management Companies, recently said that face-to-face meetings are essential when developing external relationships with clients.