10th November 2009

Comparing and Choosing the Merchant Card Services That You Need

Before you can accept credit cards, you must have merchant card services, or a merchant account.

Before you can accept credit cards, you must have merchant card

services, or a merchant account. Without this account, you cannot

accept credit cards from your customers - even if you use an old credit

card imprinter. You must have a merchant account.

When you start

looking at the available options for processing credit cards, you will

be astounded at the number of merchant accounts that exist. Of course,

different companies will offer different services, features, and fees,

and before you make a selection, you will want to compare different

services to ensure that you are not only getting what you need, but

that you are also getting the best deal available in terms of cost.


at least ten merchant card services to compare, and start by reading

consumer reviews of those companies. Of course, the consumers will

actually be business owners who have used the services. These reviews

can easily be found online, by typing 'reviews of merchant accounts'

into any search engine. If a company has a large number of unfavorable

reviews, you can mark them off of your list.

Next, check with the

Better Business Bureau concerning the services on your list. Find out

if there are any complaints, if they are members of the BBB, and use

this information to further whittle down your list of services. If you

run out of services, get a new list of ten, and start over. Usually, by

using consumer reviews and the BBB, you can avoid getting involved with

a service that is known for ripping off business owners.

You can

obtain information about each service online in most cases. Read

through the information on the company's website, and contact the

company to ask about the contract or agreement that you may be expected

to sign. Read this information very carefully, taking note of fees that

may be charged, as well as what is required of you, in terms of how you

process credit cards. Always read the terms of service, no matter how

small that print is. Not all merchant accounts allow for online

processing. Some accounts will only allow online processing, but will

not allow POS purchases.

You will want to pay special attention

to the equipment that is required for processing with the merchant card

services. Some services can work with a wide variety of equipment,

while others require you to use their equipment. In all cases, this is

equipment that you must lease or purchase. It is always better to work

with a service that allows you to select your own equipment, so that if

you need to change services at any point, you won't have to purchase

new equipment.

Finally, you can use a service to select your Merchant Card Services. There are many services that cater specifically

to business owners, connecting them with the vendors and suppliers that

they need, and because the service wants your business, they will only

connect you with reputable and reliable services and vendors. Choosing

a service for your credit card processing doesn't have to be time

consuming or difficult.