17th March 2010

Conference and Exhibition Organisers – A Great Asset in Event Management

Well experienced Conference and Exhibition Organisers are always capable of delivering a well-organised and successful product at the end of the event.

Well experienced Conference and Exhibition Organisers are always capable of delivering a well-organised and successful product at the end of the event. The more the experience that these organisers carry with them, the better result they have in organising events. Most of these companies who market themselves as event managers have proven track records in organising conferences and exhibitions of all sizes.

These organisations are a great asset as they offer their services to organise these events from start to finish, leaving the client and his employees to get on with their daily work, free of worries on their forthcoming event. They are also very competent in successfully organising and managing your event from conception to completion and ensure that everything works well and smoothly, in an effective manner. There will always be a senior person appointed to overlook your event from start to finish.

The initial negotiation with these Conference and Exhibition Organisers is to obtain a quote for their services. In order to do that you would need to provide all your requirements for the event, including every detail, so that the company will be able to study the cost of the project and come up with a reasonable quote.

Given below are some of event management services that are offered to organise an event:

  • Imaginative proposals and themes
  • A personalised service
  • Package can include additional event needs such as: flights, transfers, accommodation, ground programs, food, entertainment, team building, corporate entertainment etc.
  • Management of invitations
  • Handling all resource persons and special guests needs
  • Coordinating with delegates – confirmation and invoicing
  • Manage onsite registration and badge or name tags printing and production
  • Coordinate with all suppliers and companies involved with the event
  • Prepare all documentation – welcome packs, badges etc.
  • Onsite management for the whole event by a senior and highly experienced conference manager
  • Briefing and evaluation
  • Working within the budget

Conference and Exhibition Organisers are teams of professionals who will work with you whenever a conference is combined with an exhibition. You need the right expertise to handle this event since it is a combination of two, and you need to make sure that both events will work well with no failures in the organisation.

These types of events will require some additional areas of work, such as:

  • Securing a location that can hold both events
  • Coordinating venue management, exhibition stand designers, display banners, exhibition and conference equipment, contractors
  • Selling sponsorship/stand/exhibition space to potential exhibitors/partners
  • Supervision of the smooth dismantling and removal of all conference equipment, exhibition stands etc. on completion of the event.

Conference and Exhibition Organisers is a great asset and they are a team of professionals whom you can fully depend to organise your event successfully. Coordinating a conference and exhibition is a very stressful exercise, with a great amount of details that need very careful attention.

It is an event which will bring in a good image and reputation on your company.  Thus it is vital that all areas are taken well care of, to ensure that it is a successful event which will help to make your name known in the market.