Conference bag market shows rise of green agenda

21st April 2008

Nexus Collections, Europe’s leading provider of conference bags and the first to launch an entirely sustainable version, has released figures that show enquiries for the green bags overtaking traditional ones for the first time.

In 2006, 2% of enquiries were focused on green and environmentally friendly products; a figure that increased to 15% in 2007. However, statistics for 2008 already show enquiries for these products to be at 55% of total enquiries received, with standard bags accounting for 40%, and ‘other products’, such as promotional gifts, badges and folders, making up the final 5%.

The green bags have been such a success that Nexus Collections is investing in further research and development, expanding the range and adding bags made from recycled products such as PET.

“As a chartered accountant, I have seen plenty of figures that demonstrate the success of a product, but this is overwhelming,” said Nexus Collections managing director Nick Jones. “In less than six months these bags have become our best-selling, most asked-after product and we are doing everything we can to expand the range and meet clients’ needs and expectations.”