11th May 2010

Conference Insurance Is A Special Type Of Liability Insurance

Conference insurance is a special type of event liability insurance which provide coverage in case an accident occurs in the course of a conference.

Conference insurance is a special type of event liability insurance

which provide coverage in case an accident occurs in the course of a

conference. Of course, conference is one of those events where an accident is

least expected, but sometimes things can just go wrong. In spite of the most

detailed planning, there is no guarantee that your conference will be without

incidents. It takes a lot of time, efforts and funds to throw an event if you

want it to be successful and to contribute into promotion of your company. It

would be a pity to bear a loss just because of one's carelessness, or

malfunctioning equipment, or simply a bad luck.

Conference insurance is specially tailored to protect you against such

cases, and if it is impossible to predict the unpredictable, at least it is

possible to prevent the unpleasant consequences of it. With this type of

insurance you can set a peaceful frame of mind and concentrate on the

conference instead of being worried about the possibilities of financial


Typically this insurance provides conference public liability insurance

cover and employer’s liability insurance cover. It means you will have a cover

against claims from your employees and any attendees of the event. It also

includes conference property insurance cover and even conference abandonment

and cancellation insurance covers. 

Searching for a reputable insurance company or using the services of a

broker, it is possible to find some companies which can meet the most unusual

and complicated requirements concerning conference insurance. Going for this

type of insurance, you can get additional coverage for:

  • shortfall of attendance
  • loss of profits
  • collapse of satellite links

  • failure to vacate

  • non appearance

  • adverse weather

  • strikes

  • expenses for emergency accommodations 

It is recommended to check as many options as possible before purchasing

insurance. Various companies have different terms to offer, as well as prices.

In general premiums tend to depend on the number of participants, attendees and

employed staff. You should know an exact amount you might need to cover the

expenses in case of an accident, that is why it is advisable to get an online

quote and go through the list of required questions. This way you will be able

to determine the minimal and maximal amount you might possibly need. 

Conference insurance can be provided by an insurance broker in case you

would like to get some professional help while choosing the most appropriate

variant. Also, it would not be wise to opt for the cheapest policy without

checking all the points and considering the possibilities. If getting insurance

is not your priority number one, it should not be at the bottom of the priority

list as well: sometimes a small business can be put to an end by a single


Getting this insurance, you ensure the protection not only for your

business, but also for every person who is going to attend your conference: in

case something goes wrong and a person gets injured, there is a guarantee that

his or her medical bills will be paid. Conference insurance is a nice

preventive measure against unforeseen complications.