18th March 2010

Conference Organiser Job Description – Will vary according to the Event

A career in the field of conference organising falls into the category of administration and management, which are extremely broad and varied areas.

A career in the field of conference organising falls into the category of administration and management, which are extremely broad and varied areas. Conference organising, more often than not, will always include event management. There can be a great number of career conscious people who will be attracted to these positions for a whole lot of reasons, including the opportunity of meeting people, exposure to a variety of events and also a chance to be a leader in the field of organising and management.

A Conference Organiser Job Description will mainly focus on the smooth running of conferences, conventions and other events. It will include all planning for the event, as well as being present at the event from start to end in order to deal with any issues that may arise.

The work responsibilities/job description of a conference organiser:

  • Researching the markets to identify the opportunities for events
  • To research, document and plan out all aspects of the conference and event on behalf of the client or their own organisation
  • Producing detailed proposals for the event – time frames, venues, suppliers, legal obligations etc.)
  • Conducting briefings with the client to keep them informed on the proceedings
  • Work out a budget for the entire event with the client or senior managers
  • Ensuring insurance, legal, health and safety obligations are adhered to
  • Make available all the necessary electronic equipment required by the speakers and/or invited resource persons
  • Select and book a suitable venue according to the requirements of the client/managers and in accordance to the type of conference/event
  • Organisation of accommodation and catering including the selection of menus
  • Arrangements for interpretation (if necessary) and secretarial services
  • Arrangements for pre-conference press meetings
  • Identifying, meeting and confirming relevant speakers/resource persons
  • Responsibility of post-event activities – producing press releases, contact with delegates and distributing of conference-related literature, analysis feedback from speakers/resource persons and delegates
  • Coordinating venue management, stand designers (if the event involves an exhibition) contractors and equipment hire
  • Organising facilities for car parking, traffic control, security, first aid, hospitality and media
  • Planning our recreation, entertainment programs, gala dinners, demonstrations etc.
  • Coordinating staff requirements and staff briefings at the venue
  • Selling sponsorship/stand/exhibition space to potential exhibitors/partners
  • Preparing delegate packs and papers
  • Liaising with marketing and PR colleagues to promote the event
  • Liaising with the client and designers to create an appropriate brand and logo for the event and organising the production of tickets, posters, sales brochures etc.
  • To be physically present throughout the entire event to handle client’s needs and queries and to make sure that the event runs smoothly
  • Responsible for the smooth management of dismantling and removal of all items, structures, equipment brought in for the event from the venue
  • Post-evaluation documentation of the event

A Conference Organiser Job Description will always include a range of activities – some of which may not be necessary for all events. Activities will always vary depending on the type of event; however, there might be a great amount of minute details which are of equal importance that may arise according to the occasion. It is the responsibility of a Conference Organiser to accept all seen and unforeseen duties, and be capable of producing a successful event.