18th March 2010

Conference Organisers Jobs Needs Adaptability for Quick Changes

The main responsibility of Conference Organisers Jobs is to manage the smooth running of conferences, seminars, meetings and any other similar event.

The main responsibility of Conference Organisers Jobs is to manage the smooth running of conferences, seminars, meetings and any other similar event. The position also includes all the pre-planning to every detail for the entire conference, and these persons should always be present during the entire event to deal with any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Let us take a look at the role of duties that are carried out by persons in this position:

  • They need to research the market to identify conferences and/or similar events where they can market their services
  • Draw up a plan and run all aspects of the event on behalf of the client
  • Conference Organisers Jobs require to plan out, agree and approve a budget for the entire event with the client
  • Make arrangements for the availability of any equipment required by the speakers such as, overhead projectors, audio-visual equipment, multi-media equipment etc.
  • Research, identify and book a suitable venue in accordance to the type of conference
  • Organise accommodation for delegates, speakers if it is a residential event that is conducted for more than a day
  • Organise all catering requirements and beverages
  • Arrangements for interpreting and on-site secretarial services
  • Arrange pre-conference press receptions
  • Identify, contact and book the required speakers/resource persons
  • Conference Organisers Jobs also include post-event activities – such as producing press releases, distributing reports to delegates, analysing feedback from speakers and delegates etc.

Listed above is just a few of the basic duties that need to be done by persons in this position. Responsibilities will depend and vary according to the type of conference and requirements of the client. Persons in this position need to be flexible and be always prepared to adapt to fast changes.

Key skills that is required for this position:

  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Perfect in every detail
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • Diplomacy
  • Ability to adapt to quick changes and work under pressure
  • Willingness to work unsociable hours
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Language skills

Training for Conference Organisers Jobs is usually done whilst the employee is working in the position, but courses are also offered and available at many leading associations that are related to conference organising. Continuous professional development opportunities are important for persons in these positions in order to be updated with the latest techniques etc. 

Given below are some common responsibilities which are required by real job vacancies for this position.  This will help a prospective applicant to have a better knowledge on the requirements of this job:

  • Write web copies and organise a series of forums and events while strictly adhering to deadlines
  • Keep updated with current affairs within the public sector
  • Liaising with internal departments such as sales, marketing, event management and editorial teams to ensure the chosen topics are challenging and informative whilst generating sponsorship opportunities
  • Making a positive contribution to the development of new and profitable ideas which will be of benefit to the organisation

Work responsibilities for Conference Organisers Jobs will always differ depending on the type of business organisation you plan to work for. It’s best that you are thorough with the basic requirements that are needed for this position; once you have mastered this sector adapting yourself into the other respective company requirements will not be difficult.