11th November 2009

Connection Choices For Credit Card Payment Terminals

In order for credit cards to be processed, there must be some form of connection between the credit card payment terminals and the processing company.

In order for credit cards to be processed, there must be some form

of connection between the credit card payment terminals and the

processing company. This connection allows for real time processing, so

that business owners can be certain that the card is good, and the

payment will go through before the customer leaves with the purchase.

There are three options for connections.

The first option is

outdated and slow. This is a dial up connection, where the terminal

actually dials into the processing service in order to process the

card. This type of connection will require the use of your business

phone line, or a separate phone line for the connection.

If you

use your business phone, any customers that are trying to call during

the process will get a busy signal, and if anyone inside your place of

business tries to use the telephone during the call, the transaction

will be interrupted. Because this type of connection is slow, and

unreliable, it is an option that you will want to avoid.


second type of connection that can be used for payment terminals is a

cable or LAN connection. This is much faster than dial up, and has been

the connection preference for many businesses for a long time. This

connection does not tie up your telephone line at all, and the

transactions are typically fast.

However, because additional

services are usually required for a cable or LAN connection, it can

actually raise the cost of accepting credit cards. Before you select

this option, you might want to find out exactly what services are

required in order to have this type of connection - the sales person

who sells you the equipment should be able to help you with this


The third type of connection for payment terminals

is no connection at all, so to speak. This option is wireless. More and

more businesses are going with the wireless option these days for

numerous reasons. Wireless connections have advanced to the point where

they are very fast, and with the proper security measures in place,

they are completely safe as well.

Wireless devices for accepting

credit cards have also gained in popularity because they are mobile.

You can move around your place of business with them, or you can take

them with you on the road. Businesses are often participating in trade

shows or doing home demonstrations, and a mobile wireless device allows

you to still make sales in those situations.

You must consider

the different connection types available to you when you select your Payment Terminals. Not all terminals are designed for all types of

connections. While LAN and cable connections have been the most popular

options for some time now, make sure that you consider the possibility

of going wireless, allowing you to not only keep up with advancing

technology, but also allowing you to go where ever your customers are.

You may even be surprised to find that wireless devices are actually

cheaper than those that are designed for use with LAN or cable.