Create A High Performing Exhibit With Tradeshow Banner Stands

5th May 2010

Tradeshow banner stands are an integral part of creating a high

performing exhibit. By using banners as a part of your exhibit, you take

control of every aspect of the client’s experience when they find you

at a tradeshow. This is extremely important if you are interested in

cultivating new clients and improving the relationships with your

current clientele.  There are several ways that you can go about

selecting the right stands and banners for your needs. You can make your

decisions based off of price, or you can choose to make your decision

based off of which stands suit your needs better. Fortunately, there are

stands available that can meet your needs without breaking your budget.

The first step in selecting tradeshow banner stands is to identify how

you will be using the stands. Outdoor event stands have different

requirements than indoor events. If you are planning on attending a lot

of outdoor shows, you will need to invest in higher quality stands and

banners. This is necessary because the weather can quickly damage the

material of the banners as well as cause damage to cheap plastics. In

addition to this, outdoor equipment also needs to be more carefully

maintained. Higher quality stands are coated to help protect against the

elements, so you can attend your event regardless of the weather

conditions. Indoor stands tend to lack in the coating, but are designed

to be used more often. These stands can be used many times before any

signs of wear show. Within each of these types of banner stands, you can

purchase cheap stands that are meant for one time use or more durable

stands meant for traveling with.

Once you have selected your tradeshow banner stands, it is important

that you take the time to pick high quality designs for your banners.

The better your banners look, the higher the chance that your potential

clients will notice them. This is half of the battle when it comes to

branding your products.  In order for your brand to be remembered, they

must be seen. In order to be seen, your banners have to be distinctive.

This is where the design you choose upon can make such a difference in

the effectiveness of your investment. Do not be afraid to experiment

with banner walls and other ways of making use of a banner beyond

putting your company name and logo on it. You can control every aspect

of a client’s experience at your booth through the use of colours and

messages relevant to your business.  When you are designing your

banners, identify what message you want to give your clients.

Once you have invested in your tradeshow banner stands, take the time to

properly care for your stands and banners. It is important that all

banners and stands be kept in cool, dry places. This will help ensure

that the equipment is not damaged.  If your banners and stands are

exposed to moisture, the banners may become discoloured. In addition to

this, there is a chance that mould and mildew can develop, posing a

health hazard. All banners and stands should be dried prior to storage.