Create A Professional Appearance With Exhibition Banner Stands

28th April 2010

Purchasing exhibition banner stands is a great way to invest in your

business. When you attend a trade show or convention, it is vital that

you ensure that you maintain a professional appearance at all times. It

is very difficult to change a negative first impression. Because trade

shows and conventions bring individuals of all incomes and types, you

must treat everyone with as much courtesy and professionalism as

possible. The appearance of your booth is a very large factor in how

people will perceive your company. By making use of colour, imagery and

lights, it is possible to control the mood of those who look at your

booth. However, it will be your employees that will make a huge

difference in the final impression of your customers. Make certain that

you take the time and care to ensure that your trade show is a success.

The first step towards purchasing exhibition banner stands is to decide

what type of stands that you need. There is more to selecting banners

than the stand. Determine how often you will want to use the stand. This

will help you decide if you are better off with a rental or if you

should purchase your own. If you are attending large scale exhibitions,

you will need to decide if you want standalone stands or modular sets.

Modular sets are capable of creating entire experiences rather than just

plain booths. However, these modular sets can be very expensive and

often require customizations to fit your needs. This can add a lot of

complication to the process.  No matter what type of stand you select,

you need to be very careful about the creative you choose to go with the


Often, the most time consuming part of purchasing exhibition banner

stands is selecting the creative that goes with them. Banners, panels,

flier and all merchandising tools that you use at a trade show need to

be carefully considered. You should view your entire booth as one piece.

Every accessory that you purchase should be bought with the intention

of building new customers and refining your current relationships. It is

important that you are very careful with the images and text that you

use with your banners. You should be in control of every aspect of your

customer’s experience when they come to your booth. Fortunately,

manufacturers and stand providers will be willing to work with you every

step of the way to ensure that the creative is as professional looking

as possible.

When you buy your exhibition banner stands, you will need to make

certain that you begin your order in sufficient time for your stands and

banners to arrive before the trade show. There are several factors that

can alter how long it takes for your stands and banners to be prepared.

First, the level of complexity can make a huge difference in how long

it takes for your display to be ready. If you want a full scale modular

set, give yourself several weeks for your order to be processed. It can

take this long due to the number of customizations that are often

required for modular sets. Standalone displays and banners can typically

be shipped within several days of the creative being finalized.