Credit Card Machine Rental Is A Quick and Easy Option

3rd December 2009

There are many reasons why a company would utilize a credit card

machine rental.  Perhaps your company is has been invited to

participate in a trade show or is running a special one-time promotion

at a location other than the normal store front.

Renting machinery is a common practice amongst all businesses and

rightfully so.  The main reason for renting over purchasing is the

price.  The price of renting is significantly cheaper and if the

machine is not needed for future endeavors then there is not any reason

to pay a huge amount of money for the service the machine provides.

Some businesses only accept cash or checks when processing orders but

in the event that a convention or rally is being put together the

company should way the options of providing a credit card processor.  A

credit card machine rental will give the company the ability to process

credit cards quickly and on demand. 

When deciding to rent, a business can choose a rental company that will

provide a temporary merchant account, all necessary equipment, the

programming to accept proper payments and often times the company will

deliver the equipment to the business.  This takes all of the mess out

of trying to purchase equipment and setting it up on your own. 

There are so many different reasons why a business would be interested

in PDQ machines rental.  Holiday sales, trades shows,

conventions/rallies and even local events!  Machines can be rented on a

long-term or short-term basis.  Depending on which of the two will

really help when deciding which company to rent from.

In many cases the rental company will set you up with a merchant

account (temporary), however your business may be better suited to

setting up a merchant account separately.  When deciding which route is

better for your company it is common to look at all of the options and

decide on what price is right for your business.  It is often cheaper

to set up the merchant account on your own then to allow the rental

company to do so.

As mentioned earlier it is vital that the price is right for your

company.  Doing adequate research locally and nationally can help cut

costs dramatically on a credit card machine rental.  Be sure to know

exactly what you want before you attempt to order your equipment as it

is very easy to be lured into renting or even purchasing something that

you do not need nor want!

Now that your company has determined that it needs to rent some

machinery, here are some of things to focus on when selecting a rental

company (keep in mind that some companies may cost more but be sure to

understand the variety of transactions and accuracy that the machines

can process):

• Price

• Location

• Short-Term or Long-Term

• Payment Acceptance (Credit Card, Gift Card, etc.)

• Wireless (Does the machine need to be connected to a computer?)

When looking for a credit card machine Rental Company it is imperative

that you receive exactly what you want so that your business is

utilizing the machines to their fullest capabilities.