14th June 2010

Credit Card Merchant Accounts Are The First Step To Getting Your Business Online

Most credit card merchant account providers offer you a total online payment solution, which are suitable for merchants of all sizes.

Most credit card merchant account providers offer you a total online

payment solution, which are suitable for merchants of all sizes. It is

often quite difficult to get an account especially if you are a new or

small business with no or limited trading history. The best thing about

these providers is that you don’t require a separate internet merchant

account and a payment gateway. It also allows you to withdraw money from

your account into your bank.

Your customers will be pleased to get a full choice of payment options

that they demand and they will spend more as they are not constrained by

cash in hand and as result they will be more loyal to you.

• With the credit card merchant account, you can take payments online,

which will increase purchases of higher margin product as well as

specialty items. It offers functionality, which allows you to integrate

your payments with your website’s back end operations, and to get

immediate confirmation and authentication of the payments which you


• In some cases, you may also get access to an easy to use online

management information system. This will help you to find out the

important information that you may require and you are able to get a

complete control of your account. While applying for your account, you

are also able to negotiate your maximum transaction limit and you may be

allowed to withdraw a set amount of money, each day. Some companies do

not impose any consumer probation period making things really easier for

you and your customers.

• Most credit card merchant accounts are quite easy to use within online

auctions, offering a trusted payment method approved by all the major

online auctions. You can compare prices and minimal fees and choose the

most appropriate one to meet your demand. The set up charge usually

include the cost of creating your account, administration costs and also

any ongoing support, which you may need. You may however be required to

keep a retained balance, in order to cover for any charge backs. The

value of this balance can be agreed, when you apply.

• With most merchant accounts, there is no risk for you, as they have

free application so you don’t have to pay anything until you have been

accepted. Do not sign up for an account that asks you to pay first,

unless the company is reputable and trustworthy.

• Some companies do not restrict you any long contracts and if you have

changed your mind, you can leave anytime you want.

Cash flow is of great importance to many new and growing businesses and

with the credit card merchant account, you can keep your finances on

track by selling your items as well as getting paid instantly. With the

choice of payment methods for your customers, you allow them the

flexibility to pay with the way they would like to pay. This will allow

you big opportunities to dramatically increase your sales conversions

and boost your business.