03rd December 2009

Credit Card Merchant Accounts Have Plenty of Options

When businesses decide to open credit card merchant accounts they must be careful to make the right choices.

When businesses decide to open credit card merchant accounts they must

be careful to make the right choices.  There are many options out there

such as:

• Retail

• Wireless

• Restaurant

• Phone/Mail Order

• E-Commerce

• High Volume Processing

• Petroleum/Pay At The Pump

• Hotel/Lodging

Once your business has decided which account is right for it then the

business can move onto the next step of personalizing the account to

provide specific options for their clientele.  Setting up a merchant

account can upgrade a marginally successful company to an elite


Many businesses become fearful of setting up a merchant account because

of the price.  The validity of this fear becomes muddied when you

actually look at the numbers.  At first glance it seems as though the

price is extremely high to get set up however looking deeper a company

will find that the benefits far outweigh any issues with utilizing

credit card processing.  Credit card merchant accounts can add a

plethora of new customers seemingly overnight. 

The old days of accepting just cash and checks now appear to be over. 

Do not fall behind the advanced business curve by not setting up your

merchant account today.  Just having the ability to accept credit cards

can set your business apart from the competition by miles.  Look in

your wallet…how much cash do you have?  How many credit and debit cards

do you have?  Just from those simple questions it seems silly for your

business to still stand by the old “Cash Only” policy.

With so many choices for credit card merchant accounts it is impossible

not to find one that is perfect for your business.  In any successful

business the same principles apply: know your business, know your

customers, and always provide appropriate options to succeed. 

Accepting plastic cards is the next step towards growing your business

into a successful venture.

Some of the things that all businesses should look for when setting up

merchant accounts are checking out the bank that will issue the

merchant credit card account, what clearinghouse is the bank using,

what hardware/software gateways are needed, a merchant credit card

broker (not necessary but helpful) and maybe most importantly, the


The options for credit card merchant accounts are plentiful.  These

options include discount rate, minimum monthly processing fee,

transaction fee application fee, set-up fees, gateway

hardware/software, supplies, internet gateway set-up and monthly

processing fee.  These will vary depending on where your business

decides to set up its account.  Each of these factors is very important

and it is vital to understand each one thoroughly before proceeding.

Be sure to look at the cost of the set up and make sure that your

business’ budget can afford it.  When selecting which account to

utilize be sure to ask questions and do not be afraid to ask about

something that you unfamiliar with.  For instance the business needs to

make sure that they choose a gateway that is compatible with their

purchasing system.

Credit card merchant accounts and PDQ machines are one of the greatest ways to expand your business and allow it to stay advanced business curve.