Credit Card Merchants Help You With Processing Your Payments

3rd December 2009

Credit card merchants provide your company with assistance on processing payments.  Companies have to utilize these services in order to maximize their potential on purchases of their products.

So you have decided to take your company to the next level and you want to become a merchant.  By becoming a merchant and selecting one of these accounts your company can help it’s customers with any kind of transaction including:

• Retail
• Internet
• Wireless
• Mail Order
• Telephone Order
• Or Any Other Processing Need

Your business needs to utilize most of these options if not all of them to be successful in today’s economy.  Credit card merchants give your company the upper hand when dealing with consumers by allowing these consumers to have multiple options of purchase.

Equipment can make all of the difference when your company decides to become a merchant.  Some of the equipment that you can expect to see and should be familiar with is “The Point of Sale” (POS) which is an on-site machine that processes credit cards in retail environments.  Also, credit card processing software is available for businesses that make sales via telephone or by mail order.  Keep in mind that an internet payment gateway is required if sales will be made over the internet.  The reason for this is that it a company is required to insure that security is being used on all sales.

For your company to become one of many credit card merchants it is required that you fill out all of the appropriate forms and usually become accredited by a bank that backs the credit cards that will be used.  There are many advantages to using these services but the most common is the ease of use.

There are many different types of accounts that are available depending on what company is chosen to provide the merchant account.  These accounts which I mentioned earlier can provide your company with many different options, looking at the different types of accounts that are offered to companies when selecting a merchant account you would want to focus on the following options:

• Customer Service (should be live 24 hours a day)
• Low Start-up Price
• Low Monthly Fee
• Easy Application Process
• Gateway Fee
• Statement Fee
• Monthly Minimum Fee
• Discount Rate
• Transaction Fee
• Address Verification Fee
• Virtual Terminal
• Payment Gateway
• Point of Sale PDQ Machines
• Number of Days to Clear the Account
• Is eCheck accepted
• Fraud Protection
• Credit Cards Accepted (Visa, Master Card, etc.)

Each of these is very important to discuss with your merchant account provider.  Be sure to get the answers to all of your questions before simply settling for what is offered.  Accepting credit cards can be very profitable if the right account is utilized with the appropriate options.

Credit card merchants will certainly outdo their competition.  Consumers fear using a company that does not provide adequate purchasing capabilities.  Do not let your company be one of those that continue to lose business by limiting the options your consumers have.