Credit Card Terminals: There Are Multiple Options To Choose From

3rd December 2009

Credit card terminals often come with a merchant account.  When a

business decides that they wish to accept credit cards they should

always do their research and check which company offers the best deals

for what they wish to provide.  These merchant account can often times

be found for free.

In today’s society it is very common to see these terminals everywhere

you go.  Businesses must accommodate their customer base by offering

many options when paying for their products.  A business without the

ability to process credit cards is like a movie theater without

tickets, it’s just not practical.

One of the main reasons for utilizing credit card terminals is the

security.  Using a terminal is the most secure way to process these

cards accurately and efficiently.  A secondary reason is the cost,

which is not as expensive as you would think.

A business can add terminals quickly and be up and processing payments

cards in nearly no time.  This process helps small businesses as well

as larger businesses grow.  Using a payment card at a retailer allows

the customer to keep track of their purchases accurately which is a big


Most people prefer to pay a retailer using their cards because it is

much easier then dealing paper money.  Simply swiping a card and

processing the transaction makes the sale pleasant for both the

merchant and customer.  Because of this companies who do not offer

credit card processing are at a major disadvantage to their rivals who


When a business chooses to accept credit cards and they are ready to

purchase equipment they must first choose a company that will satisfy

their needs.  Once that company is selected the business will need to

determine what type of terminal they are looking for.   There are three

basic types of credit card terminals.  These are traditional, wireless

and virtual.

Traditional terminals need to be plugged in to and are usually used for

counter services or face to face interaction.  With a keypad and

display for the customer to use it is very functional for any retail

store.  In most case with a traditional terminal the business will need

to use a printer for supplying the customer with receipts.

Wireless terminals are becoming more common as they are used at events

or temporary situational sales.  Just as you might guess the advantage

here is that the terminal does not need to be plugged in and becomes

somewhat mobile.  While the practicality of a wireless terminal seems

obvious the price difference can turn some businesses away.

Virtual terminals are a must for the online retailer.  These terminals

can also accept payment via the internet.  Sales on the internet have

reached all-time highs and any business that is serious about potential

growth must seriously consider these types of terminals.  These

terminals are very easy to combine with other terminals and therefore

have come to the forefront of the credit card processing business.

It has become very common for credit card terminals and PDQ Machines to accept debit

cards as a type of payment also.  With all of these factors it seems

obvious that any merchant who wishes to survive needs to not only

utilize but embrace this type of credit card processing.