Cumbria County Council to escalate video conferencing

28th January 2009

<p>Cumbria County Council has announced plans to escalate its use of video conferencing as part of wider plans to reduce carbon emissions, reports the North-West Evening Mail.</p><p>Conference organisers will expand video conferencing facilities across the county to reduce the need for employees to travel around so much, and as a result emissions should be reduced. </p><p>The overall plan has been dubbed Green Action and will see the council offices adopting a wide range of environmentally-friendly measures that will centre on recycling everyday office equipment from toner cartridges through to light bulbs.</p><p>Kathryn Tye, the environmental performance officer, told the paper: "It has been quite well received so far so we are hoping we can keep up that momentum and push it even further."</p><p>In addition to increasing the use of video conferencing, staff will travel together in the same vehicle whenever possible in a bid to set an example for other drivers in the county.</p><p>In other news, video conferencing company mvision recently discussed the benefits of the technology at a London conference.<br/><img alt="ADNFCR-1753-ID-18997132-ADNFCR" src="" /></p>