17th December 2009

Custom Built Exhibition Stand to Enhance Your Company's Brand Image at the Next Exhibition

This article will help show you the worth of a custom built exhibition stand to enhance your company's brand image at the next exhibition.


article will help show you the worth of a custom built exhibition stand to

enhance your company's brand image at the next exhibition. Every leader in the

world of business knows what it's like to represent your company at an

exhibition, where everyone is out to seize the biggest slice of the public's

interest, attention... and business. Every competitor that you have will be

there, doing his or her level best to steal your customers.


can be done in a variety of ways. Your competitors may use large,

attention-grabbing banners, or might station employees around the exhibition

grounds who will either give out leaflets and promotional material, or even

engage people in conversation and 'draw' them to your competitors exhibition.

But you could do these things yourself - and indeed, you should.


what you really need is a single bold stroke that will cancel out all your

competitors advantages and make your exhibit the focus of attention for

everyone attending the exhibition. And the best, simplest and most effective

way to do this is to put up a brilliantly designed custom built exhibition

stand. Of course you can always go in for a cheap standard design - there are a

lot of companies who will provide versatile, flexible and even modular

exhibition stands, and at a very reasonable price, but these will only submerge

you in the crowd of organizations represented at a standard exhibition. A

custom built stand, on the other hand, will make your organization stand out

and be noticed in a very distinctive and original way, and will contribute no

end to your brand image, and the respect vouchsafed thereof by your potential



all, who wants to deal with a company whose leadership shows a distinct lack of

originality and innovation. The worst thing that could possibly happen would be

to have one of your competitors put up a custom built exhibition stand, while

you do not - the results would be disastrous. Not only would the competing

company garner all the interest at the exhibition, but conscious and

unconscious comparisons would undoubtedly be made between your company and

theirs, and your organisation would be the loser in such a comparison.


you can see here, it is wholly in the interests of your organisation to have a

custom stand built at your next exhibition. It's a question of survival, and in

the ruthlessly competitive world of business, as in the jungle, survival is

only of the fittest.


having established the necessity of a custom built exhibition stand, the next

question is how best to go about having it built. Well, there are a

considerable number of companies building exhibition stands these days, and all

of them are represented on the net, so all you have to do is browse a little.

Crucial to choosing the right company for your needs is a careful look at their

past work. Is their past work brilliantly original, or rather run-of-the-mill?

Are the colours and designs of their past stands distinctive and eye-catching

enough? But more than all this, do you like their work, intellectually,

aesthetically and instinctively? Trust your instincts, go with a company whose

work you really like, and push your competition where it belongs - into the