Custom Built Exhibition Stands Can Easily Be Set-Up

12th April 2010

Custom built exhibition stands will increase your chances for

successful promotional campaign while taking part in a trade show,

exhibition, presentation, sale or fair. It is not easy for an ordinary

stand to reflect the peculiarities of your company, and even with a

vast variety of exhibition products available it is not always possible

to find a stand which would meet all your requirements.

Customising is a right solution in this situation: the whole product,

its parts or graphics will be manufactured according to your

specifications and it will provide more flexibility and versatility to

the whole marketing strategy of your company. There are certain

features of custom built exhibition stands which attracts more and more

business owners. Lets try to discuss some of them.

First of all, as a rule they are easy to assemble. Of course, it

depends on the type of your stand, but if your goal is to expose it at

a trade show, most probably you opt for something like banner stands,

which can be effortlessly set up by one person. This person can be you

or any employee of yours. Besides, if your product is customised, you

have a better idea of how to change its parts and how to display it in

the most effective way.

Another important point – it is better to choose a portable stand. It

is crucially important to be able to relocate when needed and not to

bother about transportation if you need to attend a few event within a

single day. Moreover, with custom built exhibition stands you usually

get a special case and a carrying bag, which can be branded as well –

it means you will have a chance to popularise your company even when

your stand is packed.

These units can be also  very changeable, which means you can change

the configuration of your stand, representing your company brand in

different modifications. Or the stand can remain static, and you change

only graphics – the effect will be impressive enough to target more

potential clients and to attract the attention of larger number of


Speaking of effect – it is difficult to find something more effective

than custom built exhibition stands when it comes to representing your

company at a trade show. The only fact that they were manufactured

specially for you, to satisfy all the possible needs and requirements

will guarantee the success of your merchandising strategy. 

Perhaps you are under impression that so many advantages will cost you

a fortune – it is not so. These stands are quite cost effective,

moreover – all the investments you put into customising your exhibition

item will be definitely paid back. Besides, as you specify yourself

what exactly you would like to include into your stand construction,

you have an option to decline all the expensive parts. Especially in

case when you know how to attract the attention of visitors and

represent your company in a decent way without unnecessary additional

applications. With custom built exhibition stands you get exactly what

you want without breaking the bank.