Custom Exhibition Stand

4th January 2010

Using a custom exhibition stand is one of the most effective strategies to enhance the brand image of your company. There are a number of places you can use it in the course of your promotional merchandising: exhibitions, presentations, seasonal sale fairs, trade shows, the lobbies of hotels, departments of malls and so on. 

A beautifully manufactured, carefully designed exhibition stand with your logo on it will attract the attention of the target audience and stay in the memory of your potential clients for a long period, which can possibly lead to further cooperation and the advancement of your business interests.  These stands can be found in a wide range of configurations, and the price policy is quite variable as well. In any case, it is possible to find a model for any budget without emptying your pocket.

A custom exhibition stand will increase your chances to be noticed and recognised – and in the business world of today it is not that easy. An average person is exposed to hundreds of banners, billboards, advertising posters, every day people receive so many leaflets, prospectus, brochures, personalised items – no wonder that at a certain point all of these stop registering in one's memory. Your stand should be pleasant to look at, informative, eye catching, and perhaps the most important – unobtrusive, so the visitors of a trade show would get a natural desire to find out more about your company and to see what your production is like.

You can choose a custom exhibition stand according to your specifications and the kind of business you are into. You can opt for modular display stands, if you wish the stand to be easily modified and rearranged. Or you can choose a portable exhibition stand, if your main priority is mobility and easiness of relocation. It is also possible to get a fundamental custom built stand, and lots of others, like retractable banner display, double sided banner stand, exhibition plinth etc. They are available in a number of possible shapes, sizes, designs, colours and materials. Of course, it is not easy to make a choice out of such a multitude, but on the other hand no matter what business you run, it will be always possible to find a stand which will meet all your requirements.

A custom exhibition stand with your logo on it can be successfully merged into your branded merchandising:  it is not a bad idea to exhibit not only the products of your company, but also a number of personalised items for giving away. It will double the chances of being remembered. The same image of your logo or text of promotional message on the stand and on the giveaway item will help to enhance your brand image and spread the word about your business. 

Do not forget about the considerable advantages of using modern technologies while choosing a stand for exhibiting your goods. With a good audio system, screens, lights and amplifiers your custom exhibition stand will serve its purpose even better. But even the simplest model has its potential in the world of business as well.