Custom Exhibition Stands Come In All Shapes and Sizes

12th April 2010

In case you want to display your products and services at a trade

show, fair, sale or exhibition, the effect would be much more

impressive if you represent your company with one of the custom

exhibition stands. This kind of stands has a considerable advantage

over the others – it is manufactured according to your specifications,

to meet all the you requirements and to match the peculiarities of your


It is you who is choosing designs, shapes, sizes,

accessories and special effects, and there are no limitations in all

these parameters. You can also order to produce some additional parts

to change the structure of your stand if it is necessary, or, on the

contrary, it is possible to reject some parts you consider unnecessary.

If you have difficulties with visualising you perfect stand, there is

always a professional consultant and designer who will be happy to

suggest their ideas or to develop your own ones.

Also, customs exhibition stands can be made of various materials, and

there is a wide range of them available: strong, durable, reliable, yet

at the same time lightweight. You can opt for fibreglass, pressed wood,

plastic, vinyl, aluminium and some of the others. These material will

guarantee a long term service. In addition, your stands will look

elegant and sophisticated if made of fibreglass, for example, or

perhaps of timber and aluminium.

As for the sizes, feel free to choose whatever size you consider the

most appropriate. A larger sizes will be easily noticed by your

targeted visitors, but do not forget that trade shows are usually too

crowded, and every company gets a limited space for their

presentations. In this case, make sure your large stand is flexible

enough to fit any space. It is also important for the custom exhibition

stands of bigger sizes not to look awkward and to be easily

approachable for people. If you opt for smaller sizes, make sure they

are not too small to be neglected or difficult to read the information

from. Do not forget about additional effects, for example flashing

lights or audio system, if you find them useful, of course.

Remember, mobility is extremely important while taking part in trade

shows and exhibitions, that is why it is highly recommended to

customise a stand which is easy to set up and dismantle. Time is to

precious to waste it for installing and relocating the stands, it is

much more effective to use for the marketing activity itself – boost

your sales and advertise your company instead of spending a few hours

trying to arrange the things. Of course, it is always possible to hire

a brigade of skilful labourers, but why waste money? Custom exhibition

stands can be easily assembled by one person.

Graphics are exceedingly important as well: make sure they reflect the

main idea of your company, and are designed to add some enhancement to

your brand image. 

Before getting your custom stand manufactured you can request to show

you a model of it. It can be a draft or a 3D model, and this is just a

precaution in order to get exactly what your need. If everything all

right, get the custom stand and enjoy expanding the horizons of your

advertising strategy. Very soon you will notice that all the

investments you put into one or more custom exhibition stands are

getting repaid very rapidly.