08th October 2009

De Boer is top of the class at Warwick University


structure specialist De Boer has helped ensure it is business as usual at the University of Warwick as the campus has undergone a

multi-million-pound refurbishment programme.


mammoth project has ensured the university has one of the most modern campuses

in the UK

for the thousands of students, from more than 120 countries, who study there.


key element of the refurbishment process has been ensuring that education has

been able to continue with as little disruption as possible and that external

events – which provide crucial additional funding for the university – could be

staged while the building work was carried out.


this reason, the university turned to Brackley-based De Boer to provide vital

temporary accommodation solutions.


Boer erected a semi-permanent multi-function event hall, complete with outside

decking, reception area, toilets, kitchen and storage areas covering around 2,000

square metres. The facility was in place throughout this summer’s refurbishment

programme and has just been removed after successfully completing its task.


Boer used one of its versatile 30-metre-by-50-metre Jumbo Hall structures forming

a bespoke atrium with fully insulated walls and roof and a temperature-controlled

heating system. Linked to the atrium were two 6-metre-by-6-metre chalets with

decking, creating an impressive entrance.


Alu Halls, each measuring 8 metres by 15 metres, provided ancillary buildings

for kitchen, toilets and storage. De Boer’s team also constructed a pedestrian

footpath and temporary roadway.


the build process only lasting six weeks, the first event was a four-day

conference hosted by Tates Ltd, which owns Spar convenience stores.

A series of exhibitions and conferences followed.

De Boer had previously supplied 2,300 square metres of structures on

the same site for a temporary Students’ Union facility while the students’

permanent building underwent refurbishment last year.

Toby Bennett, De Boer Sales Manager, said: “The major challenge

was to construct such a large structure on a fairly steep gradient but we

managed to get over this difficulty by erecting over 1,800 square metres of

scaffolding creating a stable sub-base. The main area was very eco-friendly

with a temperature-controlled heating system and fully insulated panels which

also helped with the acoustics – a perfect venue for any event.”


Walter, Warwick University’s Commercial Development Manager, said: “De Boer can

always be counted on to rise to the challenge of a complex brief, and with the

dynamic and ever-changing needs of a 13-week conference and exhibition

programme, the structures and the service from De Boer more than met the

challenge to provide the right accommodation for our activities.”