15th December 2009

Different Styles and Types of Exterior Notice Boards to Consider

Exterior notice boards are essential for many businesses.

Exterior notice boards are essential for many businesses. They can be used to bring new business in from the street, to give visitors to your facility important information, or to give employees information that they need as well. There are many different uses for notice boards used outside, and many things to consider when selecting those boards. 

● Post Mounted – There are a couple of different reasons why you might want pole mounted signs. Perhaps there is no space on the building, or mounting on the building would ruin the look of the exterior. Some people prefer post mounted boards, also known as pole mounted boards, because they can be placed anywhere you desire, giving you the ability to capture the attention needed in a way that isn’t possible with wall mounted boards.

● Wall Mounted Exterior Notice Boards – There are instances where this option is preferred, or even required, over post mounted boards. As the name indicated, these are boards that are mounted on an exterior wall, and depending on the mounting option that you choose, they can be placed virtually anywhere, on any type of wall. 

● Framing Options – When it comes to how your boards will be framed, again you have a variety of options. However, when it comes to the frame materials, the most common types of materials used are aluminium and timber. The option you choose will largely be determined by what will look best on the exterior of your building. Usually, if you have an ultra modern building, you will go with the aluminium option, but if you have a building that is made more of wood than of glass and steel, you will most likely do better with the timber option. 

● Casing Options for Exterior Notice Boards – Most people need enclosed notice boards if they are used outdoors, for two reasons. First, you need to protect your notices from people who would tear them down or mar them, and second, you must protect your paper notices from the effects of wind, rain, snow, and even sunshine. Glass encased notice boards are the best option, and because these boards are outside, you will most likely want the casing to lock as well. 

● Combinations – You can also get boards used on the exterior of your building that include a combination of cork and whiteboard. This is essential for some businesses, and simply desired by others. This gives you the ability to display important notices on paper, and to use the whiteboard portion to write information that may change on a regular basis, such as any special deals that you may have, or temporary notifications. 

When you think of exterior notice boards, again, there is a great deal to consider beyond the specifications that you need for the board. You must consider how and where you need information viewed, and the safety of any documents that will be placed on the board as well. But with careful consideration, you will be able to order the type of exterior boards that work best for you.