15th December 2009

Different Styles Available for Your Magnetic Bulletin Board

When you start looking at magnetic bulletin board options, you will find that there is a vast array of choices available to you in terms of style.

When you start looking at magnetic bulletin board options, you will find that there is a vast array of choices available to you in terms of style. In fact, you could quickly become overwhelmed and go with a plain whiteboard simply because there are too many choices. But, if you take the time to consider what you need carefully, and look at the available accessories that allow you to change your board to suit your needs, you may decide that one of the options below is better for your organisation. 

● Lines and Grids – boards are available with lines or grids already imprinted on them. With the use of whiteboard tape, you can easily make changes to the board, creating precisely what you need for your business organisation. These boards can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as graphs, calendars, schedules, sales tracking, production, and so much more. 

● Lift Out Panel Magnetic Bulletin Board – If you can’t decide which style of board you need, order several styles with the lift out panel option. Here, you can simply lift out and move various panels of the board as needed. This is a great option for many businesses, and some people prefer this option as it allows them a variety of styles, but also because they can take the board off of the wall to write what they want, and then replace the board. 

● Clear Door and Clear Door Combinations – This is a great option for information that will not change very often, and which needs to be protected from accidental erasure. The board is essentially locked in a glass case, so that it can be protected and viewed at the same time. You can even order combinations, such as half whiteboard and half cork board. 

● Sliding Track Magnetic Bulletin Board – This is a real space saving option. It also allows you to pre-write information, but hide that information until you are ready to present it. This is a popular choice with schools and many businesses. There are a wide variety of choices available for sliding tracks as well, allowing you to design a unique system that works well for your business needs and your space. 

● Pivoting Boards – Pivot boards serve much the same purpose as sliding track systems, except they are not wall mounted. Instead, they are on a caster frame, and you can choose between frames that rolls or a frame that does not roll. This is an excellent selection when there is little or no wall space to use, or when you need more portability. 

There really are an unlimited number of style options available for your magnetic bulletin board. You can create very professional display systems and even custom order what you require. Custom boards are easily created when you work with a quality company, which has a quality sales team and designers. Think about the possibilities, and how those possibilities could not only organise things in your business better, but also how much more professional your company will look to outsiders as well