14th December 2009

Different Tacking and Hanging Options for Cork Boards

When you decide to purchase cork boards for your organization, there are many things to consider.

When you

decide to purchase cork boards for your organization, there are many things to

consider. What people most often overlook, however, is how their boards will be

hung or mounted – or whether they will be mounted at all. Below, you will find

various hanging and mounting options that are available, and you should

carefully think about the option that suits your organization best. Have this

information available before you start to place your order.

  • Adhesive Tape – You can get two

    sided adhesive tape, and depending on the quality of the tape, and the

    surface to which your board will be mounted, this is a good option for

    many businesses. Should you ever need to move or remove the board, the

    tape can be disposed of, and it won’t leave any undue marks on your wall.

    However, this is not the most stable of options.

  • Velcro Hanging Cork Boards – Velcro is a good option if

    you will need to put your board up and take it down on a regular basis.

    Like adhesive options, it isn’t the most stable of options, but again, it

    is a good option if your surface won’t work well for adhesives, and you

    need to remove the board at any time.

  • Magnets – Magnets are usually

    stronger than adhesive tape or Velcro, and this again gives you the option

    of removing the board as often as you need to. Of course, this also means

    that you must have a magnetic surface, and that you must attach magnetized

    sign fixings to the back of the board. You could also attach magnetized

    sign fixings to the wall as well, in the event that it isn’t already


  • Permanent Adhesives for Cork

    Boards – permanent adhesives are usually in the form of various types of

    glue. This is more stable than adhesive tape, but not the most stable of

    options. It is important to realize that some types of permanent adhesives

    will leave residue or marks on the wall, as this type of adhesive is very

    hard to remove.

  • Other Options – Other mounting

    and hanging options for your board are essentially hardware, or sign

    fixings. This involves the use of brackets and screws, and you need to

    know that this will leave permanent marks on the wall. This is the most

    stable option available, but one that should not be used unless you know

    for sure that you will not want to remove your board.

As you can see, there are many options available for

mounting your cork boards, but in the event that you do not want to mount your

cork board, there are also numerous options available for non-mounted boards. Make

sure that you know where and how you will be mounting your board before you

begin to place your order, as this may have an effect on the type of board that

you purchase, as well as the size of the board. Because of available colours

and such, you should also consider the colour scheme used in the area where the

board will hang as well, so that it doesn’t appear to be completely out of